IN MY ORBIT: Why Winsome Sears Matters and the Left Hates Her

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

In my front page piece yesterday: Take This Dog Whistle and Shove It, I wrote about the Democrat and legacy media meltdown over the Virginia elections, and the constant stupid use of “dog whistle” in trying to paint Youngkin’s win in a racist light. The fact that parents voted for their children and their conscience, is wise and human; but these a$$ clowns see no other way but the way of white supremacy.

I also talked about how the legacy media first ignored, then maligned the first Black, female Lt. Governor in VA’s history. The beautiful, inspiring, and accomplished Winsome Sears. Why? Well, she’s a Republican for starters and doesn’t use the coded and overt language of racial animus in everything that comes from her mouth. Winsome’s message is empowering, focusing on freedom, love of country, and building excellence. Those are trains of ideas that I can ride easily!

In my first satellite video, I’ll expound on Ms. Sears and why she matters to Black women in general, and to ones like me in particular.



Winsome Sears will continue to be my example, my touch point, and my validation that more Blacks like me exist in the world. There are definitely more of us than the Joy Reids, the Michael Eric Dysons, and the rest of those crazies on MSNBC and CNN, who couldn’t survive a day in my, or Winsome Sears’ shoes.

I’ll be watching Sears and her moves. We already know barely anyone watches Joy Reid.



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