Code Red: The Democrats Dog Whistle Blows Hot, and Its Dutiful Pack of Media Hounds Anwered

On Tuesday, Democrats got slapped good and hard.  Even before the results were tabulated, like a dutiful pack of hound dogs, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post et al, answered the Democrat dog whistle. Only they can hear it. The “RAAAAACISM!” whistle. The media answered the call and barked on command.


When Democrats say “jump,” media talking heads like Brianna Keilar ask: “How High? She’s not the only one. I could pull up anyone working for CNN and it would a similar clip. They barked when told and it’s the same bark. MSNBC is no different. On election night, CNN told their 12 viewers that Youngkin’s victory was a product of white “racism”. Suburban moms are racists because they didn’t vote, for a white guy. Those suburban moms who voted for Youngkin also voted for Winsome Sears.

My colleague Brandon Morse wrote about the loathsome gaslighting of media like CNN and MSNBC. They bark “Racism” yet fail to cover Sears’s speech. She’s the first black woman to be elected Lt Governor. Why didn’t they cover her speech they were too busy calling Youngkin a white supremacist. Brandon Morse wrote:

“If Youngkin is a white supremacist, then he’s the worst one we’ve ever seen”. 

They didn’t cover the Sears speech because she’s the wrong color. She’s a black Republican.

If it wasn’t so pathetic and obvious, I’d admire the effort. If you can’t hear the Democrats Dog Whistle, be grateful.


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