Laura Loomer Just Contracted COVID and the Ghouls Come out to Play

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Laura Loomer, the controversial former Project Veritas journalist and “Alt-Right” political pundit who ran for U.S. Congress in 2020, posted on her GETTR account that she has contracted COVID-19.


Yesterday I was feeling ill. I had a fever, chills, a runny nose, sore throat, nausea and severe body aches that made my whole body feel like I got hit by a bus, and after sleeping for a few hours, my symptoms started to remind me of how I felt when I had a bad case of the flu a few years ago. So I took a COVID test and it came back POSITIVE.

I have not taken the COVID-19 vaccine, and I don’t plan on ever taking it because it is unsafe and ineffective.

Today, I immediately started a treatment of Azithromyacin and Hydroxychloroquine. I’m also taking the OrthoMune dietary supplement. Luckily, I live in Florida where Governor DeSantis has opened statewide Regeneron monoclonal antibody treatment centers. This morning I received the Regeneron treatment for COVID.

The Left despises Loomer because 1) she’s a right-leaning, loud voice; 2) she mocks the narrative surrounding COVID and rejects the vaccines, and; 3) she’s a vocal Trump supporter.

Like a disease-ridden carrion bird, The Daily Beast reported this with glee, using all the “anti” slurs, and an unattractive picture to boot:


The far-right, anti-Muslim, anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer says she’s tested positive for the coronavirus, after suffering from severe symptoms that she wrote left her feeling like she “got hit by a bus.”

In a post on the Trumpist social network Gettr, Loomer complained that she started suffering from “fever, chills, a runny nose, sore throat, nausea and severe body aches” on Wednesday that she said felt like “a bad case of the flu… So I took a COVID test and it came back POSITIVE.”

Here’s a fascinating thing: The Daily Beast had to track Loomer on social media platforms that they hate. GETTR and Telegram are free speech platforms that were created in the wake of former President Trump being banned from Twitter. Loomer was also banned from Twitter and Facebook. So the fact that The Daily Beast and other left-leaning outlets had to pain themselves in order to traffic into “alt-right” territory is kind of delicious. I’m surprised the writer didn’t disintegrate into dust after leaving the black hole that is Twitter.


But this type of reporting and commentary is the equivalent of “I hope you get AIDS and die!” being yelled at homosexuals back in 80s and early 90s. Yeah, I’m that many years old.

It’s blatant discrimination, ugly, and unprofessional.

Like vultures, the rest of the wake circled with the typical takes:

Comments on Facebook Search of Laura Loomer

And the winner and first runner up for Worse Take award goes to:

I do not condone Loomer minimizing the effects of COVID when she had never experienced them. I also have a problem with minimalization of anyone dying, whether it be because of COVID or because of a heart attack. But mocking someone who has fallen ill, while also mocking and rooting for their death is absolutely ghoulish. This was ramped up to high gear when the late, great Rush Limbaugh announced he was battling Stage Four lung cancer, and after he passed away a year later.


In this pandemic age, I am seeing far too much of this; and the majority of it comes from the Left.

Loomer is maintaining her “in your face” stance. No matter how much pain she is in from the virus working its way out of her body, she isn’t backing down from a fight. This shows what she is made of.

Loomer responded to The Daily Beast article on her Telegram account, not backing down on her anti-vaccine stance, and using the early treatments that doctors recommend to address the virus and limit its damages.

Trending on Twitter today because the Left is celebrating that I have tested positive for COVID.

Hopefully my COVID diagnosis raises awareness about how COVID vaccines do not work and how Regeneron, HCQ, Azithromyacin, ZINC, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, NAC, Quercitin Dihydrate, and Ivermectin do work.

“Don’t let these leftist, fake news liars tell you that Regeneron isn’t available to the masses either. They are lying.

“Regeneron is free in the state of Florida at the state run centers to anyone who wishes to take it.

“You can go to any of these Regeneron centers today and get your free Regeneron thanks to our great Governor Ron DeSantis.”

When Loomer was banned from Facebook and Instagram in 2019, she went to their headquarters and did a protest video in their lobby, decrying the Left-wing agenda promoted by these social media platforms and their censorship of conservative and right-leaning voices.



Loomer also designed a street art poster of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey dressed as a member of the Taliban, with the words “taliBAN” at the bottom. These posters were placed around Twitter Headquarters in San Francisco.


Because I’m not a ghoul, and because prayer works, I will pray for Loomer’s full recovery. If for nothing else than to keep annoying and calling out the Leftists and their goon squads.


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