Left-Wingers Turn in a Disgusting Performance Following Rush Limbaugh's Death

Left-Wingers Turn in a Disgusting Performance Following Rush Limbaugh's Death
Julie Smith

Today, the country suffered the loss of an icon in Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh, who passed due to complications of lung cancer at 70, was the chief founder and architect of the current conservative media landscape. He began his journey in an environment that saw total domination of all information sources by the Left, and though there’s still a battle to be waged today in that sphere, there’s no doubt Rush and those that followed have made enormous progress.

With his passing came an outpouring of appreciation from the right. Of course, that was never going to be the reaction from the other side. The Left, including some prominent media figures, kicked into high gear to drop some of the most ghoulish takes you’d ever find.

The Left’s intellectual heft has never managed to move past crying racism and bigotry at everyone they disagree with. Rush was no exception, bearing the brunt of many misleading and outright false attacks on his decency as a human being. Despite that, Rush always met the Left’s idiocy with the laughter and mockery they deserved. That’s part of what made his show so unique. While others on the right may have had similar opinions, few had Rush’s penchant for wit and charm in levying criticism.

Meanwhile, CNN’s Jim Acosta also managed to use Rush’s death to show how much rent-free space Donald Trump still takes up in his head.

Imagine seeing Trump on a news channel discussing the death of a national icon and your brain immediately going to they “didn’t ask him about the insurrection.” The level of obsession involved in such thinking is hard to put into words. I’m fairly sure Acosta goes to bed gently stroking a picture of Trump.

Regardless, while the pettiness of Acosta and all the rest is apparent, in the end, they look small and petty compared to Rush. No one is going to remember Jim Acosta’s name 20 years from now because he’s not consequential. Rush was consequential, and there’s no better proof of that than how vicious his enemies are being today.


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