Pro-Antifa Teacher Paints Himself as the Victim, After Project Veritas Busts Him

Project Veritas journalist interviews pro-Antifa teacher Gabriel Gipe. Credit: Project Veritas

We’ve previously reported on the story of Gabriel Gipe, the pro-Antifa high school AP teacher at Inderkum High School in California.

Gipe said on a Project Veritas video that he only had “180 days” to “scare the f**k” out of the students and turn them into “revolutionaries.” He had an Antifa flag on the wall, as well as a picture of Mao, and he said he gave them “extra credit” for attending Antifa actions/protests. He also suggested he wasn’t the only teacher at the school with such an attitude.


That naturally upset parents in the district, and many of them showed up last night at the Natomas school board meeting, demanding to know how this had been allowed to go on and sharing their concerns about how widespread this kind of indoctrination was.

The Natomas board had previously released a statement saying that Gipe would be put on unpaid leave, and then they will take steps to fire him.

Project Veritas took another crack at asking him about his views. But Gipe wasn’t talking, now that he’s been busted on what he’d done.

“Mr. Gipe has nothing to say now,” the Project Veritas journalist says. “Classic.”


But Gipe later released a video indicating that he thought he was the victim in all this, not the students to whom he subjected his twisted views. Gipe complained that he was being harassed, that they were “coming for my job” and what he loved “doing in the classroom.”

So, here’s the thing. Sorry, guy, you’re not the victim here, you’re the guy in the wrong and you deserve to lose your job. His “job” was supposed to be teaching government, not teaching Antifa or how to be a revolutionary. Maybe he should have considered that before he tried to indoctrinate the kids.

What’s really hard to believe here is how this was allowed to go on and why the school didn’t do anything to stop this before. How could they not know what was going on, when he actually had an Antifa flag on the wall? Of course, given how far left some school districts are, maybe it’s not so hard to believe that this was allowed to happen.


But having kids involved in radical leftist protests is not only wrong from an ethical point of view as a teacher, but as we’ve seen over the past year, it can be a very dangerous and harmful endeavor. Anything conducted through the school also could then expose the school to liability, as well. The school should understand that when they have people doing things like this, they can find themselves the subject of legal action for the damage to the students.


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