Laura Loomer Can be Ridiculous and Right at the Same Time

Yesterday, right-wing activist Laura Loomer handcuffed herself to the door of Twitter’s headquarters and protested her banning from their platform, making national headlines in the process.


Whether you like Loomer or not is completely irrelevant to this opinion piece I’m about to write. What I do want to focus on is that it would seem that people’s opinions of her either make her completely wrong or completely right. I think it’s good to make sure we can come to the conclusion that she’s both.

Let’s start with where she’s wrong.

Loomer handcuffed herself to Twitter’s headquarters while sporting a gold Jewish star like the kind the Jewish people wore during the Holocaust. The implication here is that Loomer was comparing herself to the Jews discriminated against and mistreated during the era of Nazi power in Europe.

I don’t think I need to go too deeply into why this is ridiculous. Twitter is a private social media company that can do what they want, and what they did was kick Loomer off their platform. You may think the reason for her banishment is ridiculous and fair enough, but having your account taken away doesn’t equate to being forced into unnaturally cruel conditions that will likely end with your life in some brutal and sinister manner. Twitter didn’t send out hit squads and throw Loomer into a concentration camp to starve, do hard labor, and die.

Wearing that star was insulting to those who actually did suffer through that unimaginable nightmare, and it only muddied whatever point Loomer was trying to make. Loomer has a habit of this and does so because she knows it will attract eyes that will, in turn, be driven to her overall message. While I understand the intent, the execution is ridiculous.


In the words of Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill character in Infinity War, “let’s talk about this plan of yours. I think it’s good, except it sucks.”

But here’s where Loomer is VERY right.

Twitter’s bias against the right is so overt that I’m not sure why it continues to hide behind this facade of neutrality. The bias isn’t even subtle, and some of the things it allows to exist on its platform make it seem like the company is completely okay with horrific things happening to conservatives, and looks stark when contrasted with the fact that Twitter will punish or ban a conservative if they so much sneeze in the direction of a leftist.

Let’s take for instance Twitter’s failure to quickly address the Twitter account run by the Antifa group responsible for surrounding Tucker Carlson’s home, threatening his family, and publishing his home address. The social media network sat back and took its sweet time in taking action against the Antifa account, allowing private information to be spread to people who were clearly willing to be physically hostile against Carlson. This resulted in Fox News and Carlson going silent on the social media network in protest, triggering fears of a boycott by conservatives and causing its stock to fall.

The same Twitter account responsible for the Carlson incident was responsible for the incident involving Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and his wife being harassed as they sat down to eat at a restaurant. The account, “Smash Racism,” posted the tweet of them harassing Cruz and promoting harassment of Cruz. Despite it clearly violating Twitter’s policies, especially by Twitter’s own admittance, Twitter allowed both the account AND the tweet to remain active. They only suspended it after the Carlson incident.


The examples go on, including the resistance from Twitter to take action against the targeted threats against NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch’s children, as Twitter was busy banning a conservative journalist for stating that Muslim extremism is bad. Watch my video for the complete story below.

During her protest, Loomer posted a photo of the tweet that got her banned and compared it to hate preacher Louis Farrakhan’s tweet about Jews being termites.

Here, Loomer is 100 percent correct. It’s completely unfair that she got banned for calling out Democrat Ilhan Omar for being pro-Sharia law and was banned, while Farrakhan can literally refer to Jewish people as insects we tend to terminate and his account still gets to exist. The only action they’ve taken against Farrakhan is to take away his blue check.

Farrakhan’s tweet is still live, by the way.


So Loomer is absolutely correct, and her protest has some excellent points that should be addressed by Twitter. Their bias clearly allows hate from one side, but inconvenient facts from the right are punishable for the reasons they should be punishing people like Farrakhan for or NYT editor Sarah Jeong for.

Love, hate, or don’t care about Loomer, this is a solid point from her.


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