Rush Limbaugh Deactivates Twitter Account in Support of President Trump, But Boy Is He Kickin' Butt on His Show

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Following the news on Friday that autocrat Jack Dorsey’s Twitter permanently suspended President Donald Trump’s Twitter account, “news” spread that conservative radio talk show icon Rush Limbaugh’s account had also been suspended as part of the Friday massacre.


“Rush Limbaugh, who is dying of stage 4 cancer, has been suspended from Twitter,” tweeted one user. Another shared a similar claim: “Twitter just suspended Rush Limbaugh.”

Au contraire, as El Rushbo might say.

As reported by USA Today, Limbaugh on Friday deactivated his Twitter account — no doubt in vehement protest, knowing Rush — after Trump’s account was permanently banned.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh’s Twitter account has been deactivated.

Twitter confirmed to USA TODAY that the account wasn’t suspended but “deactivated by the owner.”

And that it was.

Twitter also confirmed to Fox News Media Reporter Joseph A. Wulfsohn that Limbaugh’s account had been deactivated by “the owner,” not suspended by Twitter.


Surprisingly, as reported by USA Today, Rush first started his Twitter account this October, three weeks before the election, which he discussed on his October 13 program, saying he hates social media, which he called a “cesspool.”

I cannot disagree with Rush’s assessment. Anyway, he was fired up that day, raring to go.

“We are gonna be doubling down. We’re gonna be doing everything we can in these last three weeks to take the message of preserving the American way of life, to take the message that America is good and decent, it is almost a savior of a country, that it is being maligned, it is being savagely impugned.”

In an indirect way, Rush Limbaugh is somewhat responsible for me becoming a conservative political writer. Listening to the master, through years, break down both conservative thought and liberal thought to a level that welcomed discussion and debate piqued my interest. I saw a previously-untapped market that was eager for dialogue.

When I wrote about Rush’s final 2020 show on Christmas Eve in an article titled Emotional Rush Limbaugh Delivers Heartfelt Message to Listeners in Final Broadcast of 2020: ‘I Wasn’t Expected to Be Alive Today’, I wondered if we would ever hear El Rushbo work his radio magic again. Thankfully he is back and he is just as full-metal Rush Limbaugh as ever. A quick trip to is all you need to see what I mean.


Proudly and prominently noted by Rush, Facebook restricted his page on Thursday. As the subhead reads, “Badge of Honor: Facebook Throttles the EIB Network.”

“We haven’t been banned. But Facebook reduced our distribution because the story I did yesterday on Antifa…

“Even though the story contained that I mentioned the facial recognition story was retracted, they nevertheless throttled us.”

God, I love that guy.



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