Biden's Vaccine Rollout: It's Not Our Fault You Suck as a Salesman

Jim Thompson, used with permission

Could we not have had a worse rollout than the COVID-19 vaccines? At the beginning, President Joe Biden was trying to take full credit for the vaccines, when it was former President Donald J. Trump who put Operation Warp Speed into motion. Then, when Biden got his grubby paws on it, and botched it out the gate, he wanted to claim the previous administration had not left him proper guidance.


That went over like a lead balloon, as reporters with a brain (there are a few left), as well as the team involved with Operation Warp Speed pointed out that Biden was… misinformed. After Biden was installed, he set the ambitous goal of 100 million shots in 100 Days of his administration, while including the vaccinations that had already been administered during the Trump administration, before Biden was even inaugurated.

Trump’s been gone a minute, and now Biden has no one but himself to blame for his continued botching of the rollout and the vaccine push.

  • Nobody told Biden to claim that he would get 70 percent of the nation partially vaccinated before July 4.
  • Nobody told Biden to strongarm companies to offer bribes to get people vaccinated.
  • Nobody told Biden to spend taxpayer money on stupid PSAs, recruit teen pop star Olivia Rodrigo, or put a Fauci video on TikTok to convince young people they should be vaccinated.
  • Nobody told Biden to send federal volunteers door-to-door to find out citizens’ private vaccination status, then offer them a shot if the individual or family has not received the vaccine.

But the Biden administration, along with the ridiculous California Democrat Party, is focused on polishing turds:

Yet, they are befuddled on why that other 140 million (give or take) refuse to get vaccinated. To quote Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

The Kaiser Family Foundation does a COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor report, so many news outlets are using the data in the report to wring their hands, then write articles where you can wring yours, then decry and condemn the “vaccine-hesitant”.

The Atlantic ultimately puts the blame where it belongs, but even in calling out the Biden administration for its piss-poor strategies, they can’t resist the fear porn and falsehoods that it’s the unvaccinated’s fault that we cannot get things under control:

Reasons vary as to why the holdouts are unmoved. Polling shows that Black and Hispanic adults, for example, are more likely than white adults to forgo the vaccine due to fear of missing work.

Not just work or cost. Distrust of the government. Just because Blacks vote majority Democrat doesn’t mean they don’t smell what’s being shoveled. This administration is way too focused on getting minorities vaccinated with pandering and incentives that encourage the behaviors that lead to comorbidities that will ensure a COVID death. Promoting beer, Krispy Kreme Donuts, and a lifetime of pizza is not exactly a winning strategy for a virus that is supposed to be more deadly for the morbidly obese. How about offering a free Peleton with a lifetime supply of classes instead? Probably for the same reason Biden thinks minorities are too stupid to use the Internet.


Then there’s blaming the unwashed, Trump Rubes, and those White Evangelicals:

A disproportionate share of Republicans, white evangelical Christians, and rural residents—the durable core of Donald Trump’s base—say they won’t ever get vaccinated, according to surveys taken by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Nearly half of Republican adults who haven’t been vaccinated cite distrust of government as a major reason. (Only a quarter of unvaccinated Democrats mention that as a rationale for refusing a vaccine.) Trump supporters are not listening to Biden, and they don’t care what he says—but the president can’t simply ignore them. “You can win an election with 51 percent of the vote, but you can’t beat COVID with 51 percent of the vote,” Jerome Adams, the U.S. surgeon general during the Trump administration, told me. “The proof is in the pudding. [Biden administration officials] haven’t done as good a job as they need with the other people out there.”

No kidding. When you treat people like they’re stupid, evil, and incapable of separating fact from fiction on social media, then you pretty much have lost the argument. It’s less a distrust in government and more about how the government’s distrust and disregard of us has been expressed. So, you expect us to believe what you say about a vaccine?


Then there is the earlier messaging that restrictions like mask mandates would be fully lifted, and you would be able to see grandparents if you became vaccinated; only to see the immediate rollback on those promises (looking at you, Los Angeles County). Suffice to say you have just proven yourself a hypocrite (looking at you, Dr. Fauci), and you’re too stupid to realize this.

Why? You’ll still get COVID, still get treated to hysterical COVID reports in media,still be masked at work & in LA/SF, kids still masked at school, the governor can still shut down your business at any moment. What has the gov’t done to help us believe this vax works?

Absolutely nothing. All this administration has done is talk down to people, lecture, bribe, and when they still don’t get their desired result, threaten.

Last Summer, the Democrats allowed rioters to destroy cities and foment race riots while trying to keep the rest of America locked down. This Summer, they are trying to convince you that unvaccinated people are the reason we cannot get through this pandemic, while fully vaccinated Texas Democrats get to ride a chartered plane mask-free to D.C., six of them contract COVID, and subsequently spread it to a White House aide and an aide to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.


To quote one of my favorite lines from As Good As It Gets, “Sell crazy somewhere else; we’re all stocked up here.”


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