Psaki Endorses the Texas Dems 'Super Spreader' Trip, Reveals More WH Cases

As we reported, the runaway Texas Democrats’ political stunt has officially turned into a disastrous super spreader event.

Today, it got even worse, with a sixth member of the group testing positive for the virus, as well as a White House official and an aide to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also coming down with it after meeting with the Texas Democrats. That, of course, is just the folks that we know. It doesn’t include the people we don’t know who they exposed. They’ve been all over D.C. meeting with a ton of people. Even after it was announced that their members tested positive, they still announced they would be holding more meetings with people. They even exposed Kamala Harris who then had to go to Walter Reed and get a test, which reportedly was negative. They initially claimed it was just a “routine” check-up. Routine on a Sunday morning. Harris refused to quarantine, with her office saying she didn’t have close contact with the people testing positive.


What makes all this worse, was it was all so pointless, in furtherance of a lie about Texas’ election integrity bill. No one is being denied the right to vote in Texas or any other GOP voting bill. This is all performance drama for the Democrats’ divisive agenda.

Since the Texas Democrats infected a White House official, Fox’s Peter Doocy asked Jen Psaki if she now considered this a “super spreader event,” given that it’s now 1/10 of the people in the Texas Democrats’ group.

Psaki refused to call it that. “Well, I would say that’s not a characterization we’re making from here,” she exclaimed. She argued that for any vaccine there will be “breakthrough cases,” meaning a small percentage who will get it despite being vaccinated. Doocy asked since the Texas Democrats infected someone at the White House, did Psaki have a message for them? Did Psaki come to the defense of the White House? Nope. She completely endorsed the super spreader effort. “Our message continues to be ‘thanks for standing up for voting rights and the rights of Americans to have their voices heard, uh, at the voting booth, uh, and we appreciate their efforts.'”


So it’s just cool that Democrats lie and infect people if it serves their political agenda. No matter how many Americans they hurt in the process, including themselves. This is our Democratic leadership, ladies and gentlemen. No conscience whatsoever anymore. And it can’t be a super spreader event to them, because they’ll only call it that if it pertains to Republicans. Such ridiculous political animals.

When Psaki confirmed the case of the White House official who had exposure to the Texas Democrats, she also revealed this wasn’t the first “breakthrough case” at the White House.

Incredible. Imagine if Kayleigh McEnany had said something like that — the media would have been all over her 24/7. Even Ed O’Keefe seemed taken aback by Psaki simply declaring it like they had no need to even mention it. Pro tip? A secretary can infect people just as much as a “commissioned officer” can.



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