Don Lemon's Commentary on Nikki Haley Is So Insane and Offensive, Not Even His Co-Hosts Can Handle It

What in the world is CNN doing by keeping Don Lemon around? The guy has already had multiple issues with his co-hosts on his new, bottom-rated morning show. Now, he’s making insanely offensive comments about 2024 presidential candidate Nikki Haley.


On Thursday morning, Lemon, flanked by Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins (who Lemon apparently verbally accosted), decided it’d be a good idea to state that Haley is “past her prime” as a woman.

I guess he’s really running low on political attacks.

You have to love the perplexed reaction by Lemon’s co-hosts, one of which is a woman in her 40s, as they struggle to respond to what they just heard. Harlow confusingly asked him if he means childbearing, suggesting he should put a qualifier on his statement. Lemon then tells people to…Google it.

So I did google it, and according to the popular search engine, a woman’s prime can stretch well into her 50s. Nikki Haley is 51 years old. I mean really, what kind of idiot thinks it’s a gotcha to lecture Haley on using the phrase “in my prime” to describe herself?


Regardless, what point is Lemon even trying to make? You have to be 35 to run for president. The current White House resident, who Lemon vehemently supports, is 80 years old. Whether Haley is technically “in her prime” or not seems rather irrelevant, and certainly, she’s in her prime politically speaking (and that’s exactly what she means). Has Lemon ever questioned Nancy Pelosi’s vigor? I must have missed that. It’s just an incredibly dumb attack.

To offer another example of how ridiculous Lemon has been lately, here he was just days prior chastising Collins for citing The New York Post. It was an embarrassing spectacle.

Is this really what CNN wants to be? There have been all kinds of talk of the network quelling its far-left bias and attempting to return to more objective news programming. Lemon is a massive, flaming roadblock in the way of that attempt. Taking away his primetime show was justified, but what good does that do if they are going to stick him in the morning slot to destroy that show as well? I understand he checks two very important (to the left) intersectional boxes, making it hard to boot him, but CNN’s leadership needs to grow up and make some tough decisions.


Lemon is an unstable person, as evidenced by his reported blowups at the women on his staff and the fact that he’s been accused of drunkenly sexually assaulting a man. He’s a guy that needs to be fired, not given chance after chance. Doing so is just rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.


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