Illinois Pro-Abortion Lawmakers Pushing Legislation to Attack Pro-Life Organizations

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I’ve said before that the pro-abortion crowd attacks pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) because they want to ensure more mothers decide to terminate their pregnancies. Two bills being proposed in Illinois’ state legislature provide further proof that my assertion is accurate.


After the Supreme Court issued a ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, pro-abortion politicians have become even more aggressive in trying to destroy organizations that encourage mothers to keep their babies. This latest development is undoubtedly part of this effort.

Live Action reported:

Two Illinois bills are taking aim at life-affirming pregnancy resource centers (PRCs), allowing state investigations to be launched under mere suspicion of undefined ‘deception’ or wrongdoing, even if no violations have been reported.

The first bill is HB 2463, also known as the Deceptive Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers Act, which mandates that pregnancy resource centers or crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) should be investigated if it appears that they were planning to employ “deceptive practice” to persuade mothers not to abort their children. The other, SB 1909, would levy $50,000 fines against organizations who supposedly use “deceptive” practices to conceal or suppress a “material fact.”

Not surprisingly, the proposal does not define “deceptive practice” or “material fact.”

But it gets worse.

From Live Action:

In addition, SB 1909 gives the Illinois Attorney General the ability to initiate an investigation against a PRC if the AG merely feels it is in the “public interest,” even if no specific complaint has been filed. The attorney general would also be able to “impound” all records from the PRC, something that Illinois Right to Life said could potentially force PRCs to close altogether.


This bill would also empower the attorney general to move against a PRC before it has even engaged in illegal or deceptive practices. The official would only require a suspicion that it will. The bill says that the state government can take action against one of these organizations if “the Attorney General believes it to be in the public interest that an investigation should be made to ascertain whether a limited services pregnancy center has engaged in, is engaging in, or is about to engage in, any practice declared to be unlawful by the Act.”

Even worse is the fact that an “aggrieved party” can file a lawsuit against the PRC, even if they were never a client.

This is one of several attacks Democrats have carried out against pregnancy resource centers. Folks like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) point out that at least some of these organizations have deceptively presented themselves as licensed medical facilities or providing medical services without the requisite medical training. They argue that these groups deceive mothers into keeping their babies by giving misleading information regarding the risks and benefits of the abortion procedure. Indeed, some of these organizations have engaged in these practices – but not nearly to the extent that pro-abortion progressives claim.

The fact of the matter is that pregnancy resource centers provide alternatives to abortion that Democrats would rather see hidden. This is the motivation behind their ongoing campaign against these groups. It is also why there have been so many terrorist acts of violence perpetrated against pro-life groups over the past year.


A silver lining to this development is that a 2018 Supreme Court ruling found that states “cannot force PRCs to promote or refer for abortion,” or “punish or target PRCs because of their pro-life views,” according to Live Action. This means that should this law pass, it would be met with a slew of legal challenges and likely be struck down. Still, the fact that a state would even try to pass this type of overreaching legislation shows how far the pro-abortion crowd will go to maximize the number of babies killed in the womb.


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