Democrats Want More Abortions. This Is Why They Attack Crisis Pregnancy Centers

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Democrats are still after crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs). After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, progressives like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) have been on the warpath against organizations that provide mothers who become pregnant unexpectedly with alternatives to abortion.

If you know anything about the pro-abortion left, you know this does not sit well with Warren and her ilk, who wish to see as many babies terminated as possible. One would think that after the furor over Roe died down, so would the attacks. After all, wasn’t that wave of firebombings, vandalism, and other forms of violence committed against pro-life organizations enough?

Well, apparently, they have not gotten it out of their system yet.

In a piece for the Washington Examiner, author Mark Lamb explains how the onslaught against crisis pregnancy centers has continued. These organizations are typically nonprofits that provide resources for mothers who are hesitant about undergoing an abortion procedure. Lamb writes:

Some locations may provide pregnancy tests and simple material support such as diapers, baby clothes, and formula, while others provide counseling, job training, and parenting classes. There are other, related entities such as maternity homes that provide housing and supportive services for pregnant mothers and their children.

“Yet there are efforts from Big Tech, politicians, and legacy media to harm these groups that provide low-cost or free services to help families choose life and either raise their children in a healthy environment or place them for adoption,” the author continues.

In at least one case, Google and Yelp concealed search results for a center in Iowa. Then, they slapped on a warning label designed to deter women from clicking on its website. Yelp applied a warning to the Women’s Choice Center, saying that the location offers only “limited medical services” and might not employ “licensed medical professionals.”

Google hid the location from search results used by women looking to obtain information on abortion.

“Google also hid the center from search results for women looking for information on abortion. A key way pregnancy help centers reach out to women in need is by running advertisements and using search engine optimization to connect with those most likely to choose abortion,” Lamb explains.

Of course, Google and Yelp are trying to hinder CPCs on their platform. They are run by far-left progressives, who really want more babies to be aborted.

But it isn’t just Big Tech trying to bring about more terminated pregnancies, it is also government officials pursuing the same objective. Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison issued a “consumer alert” about crisis pregnancy centers in the state. It was the same type of warning an official would give about payday lenders or other shady businesses.

State lawmakers are currently working on a proposed bill that would prevent funding from the state’s pregnancy support program from being allocated to organizations that provide options other than abortion. As I said previously – these people really want more babies to be aborted.

At the federal level, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), introduced a bill titled the Stop Anti-Abortion Disinformation Act, designed to target the advertising practices used by CPCs and other pro-life organizations. She has introduced the measure every year for the past 20 years, and it is supposedly intended to stop “deceptive advertising.”

But, there are already laws against deceptive advertising in most states. So, why bother with more federal legislation? Possibly because they want to make it harder for CPCs to persuade mothers not to kill their babies. Because they really want more babies to be aborted.

Of course, we can’t forget the activist media, can we?

Earlier this month, I wrote about how the Associated Press altered its guidelines so that alleged journalists would refer to CPCs as “anti-abortion centers.” Of course, the objective is to get these so-called reporters to use language in a way that propagandizes for the pro-abortion crowd.

Why? Because they really want more babies to be aborted.

When you look at the numbers, it’s easy to see why the pro-abortion crowd despises CPCs. In 2019, these organizations served over one million people who benefitted from parenting classes, diapers, ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, and other resources. Imagine how many babies would be killed if CPCs did not exist.

Nevertheless, the far left continues its crusade against crisis pregnancy centers, hoping to destroy as much of the industry as possible. You already know why, don’t you?



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