Antifa Terrorist Attack Against Pregnancy Center Thwarted, Another Wasn't So Fortunate

AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus

The left’s “Night of Rage” following the overturning of Roe v. Wade didn’t materialize to the level a lot of too-online, pro-abortion fanatics hoped. Yet, while cities didn’t burn, there was still serious damage done. As RedState reported, one attempt at insurrection at the Arizona capitol building escalated to the point where the senate was forced into recess and members were trapped. Smaller-scale riots also broke out in Los Angeles, among other Democrat-led cities.


For the most part, though, the police seemed fairly well prepared this go-round, and that paid dividends after an Antifa attack on a pregnancy center in Oregon was thwarted. According to a statement by the Eugene PD, things escalated to the point where DHS had to be called in.

The crowd of Antifa began to grow after 9 PM local, with Eugene PD responding to the unrest at the Dove pregnancy center. As described in the statement, the extremists were picking up rocks and one woman had a chemical pump (i.e. like you’d spray weed killer with). The indication is that the pump likely had an accelerant in it in order to start a fire.

Things eventually touched off after arrests were made due to disorderly conduct. The crowd tried to break through the police line and threw smoke bombs and water bottles. Some officers were injured in the scuffles. Multiple arrests were eventually made, though, in a place like Oregon, you can expect them to be back on the street shortly.

But while that attack was thwarted, another pregnancy center in Colorado wasn’t so fortunate.


As I noted in my response, I’ve yet to see this attack reported by any mainstream media outlet. Of course, we all know that wouldn’t be the case if this were right-wingers attacking an abortion clinic. That hypocrisy doesn’t just lead to political frustration, it’s dangerous. Antifa and other pro-abortion extremists feel like they have a green light to lash out, and the press is helping create that environment.

There’s also very little pushback coming from the federal government. In this case, DHS was called in, but it was a local outpost that is duty-bound to respond. On the national level, the DOJ and DHS have been essentially silent on left-wing violence, and we are seeing the results of that. Will the recent rash of attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers change that approach? I wouldn’t hold your breath.


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