CNN May Have Finally Soured on Don Lemon

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CNN media activist Don Lemon might be on his way out after stepping in it once again. The network is reportedly considering what it will do with the news anchor after he made sexist remarks about Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley.


On Thursday, Lemon raised some hackles when he said Haley “isn’t in her prime” and that “when a woman is considered to be in her prime” is in her “20s, and 30s, and maybe 40s.” Needless to say, it was not the smartest thing to say in an environment rife with wokeness.

Naturally, Lemon’s absurd comments elicited criticism from both the right and the left. Even the White House chimed in on the story.

He later issued a quasi-apology on Twitter, in which he acknowledged that his remarks were “inartful and irrelevant.” He wrote:

The reference I made to a woman’s “prime” this morning was inartful and irrelevant, as colleagues and loved ones have pointed out, and I regret it. A woman’s age doesn’t define her either personally or professionally. I have countless women in my life who prove that every day.


But it appears Lemon’s mea culpa was not enough. The Daily Beast’s Confider reported that the network has removed the media activist from his slot on “This Morning Monday” according to two sources. From the report:

Lemon, who was forced to make a groveling apology to CNN staffers Friday for making offensive remarks about women and aging, had been scheduled to anchor This Morning alongside co-hosts Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins, according to a copy of the CNN anchor schedule obtained and reviewed by Confider.

But by Sunday afternoon a new on-air lineup schedule was sent out by CNN management that had the show being anchored by Harlow and Sara Sidner in New York with Collins in Poland, according to two people familiar with the matter.

One of the sources told the news outlet that “[t]here are ongoing conversations about Don’s future” and that Lemon “is a constant distraction.”

CNN’s CEO Chris Licht also slammed Lemon, saying he was “disappointed” by his conduct on the air. “His remarks were upsetting, unacceptable, and unfair to his co-hosts, and ultimately a huge distraction to the great work of this organization,” Licht said on the 9 a.m. editorial call.

Lemon apologized on the call and said he “didn’t mean to hurt anyone” and that he “did not mean to offend anyone.”


“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I did not mean to offend anyone,” Lemon said on the call.

This development comes only months after Lemon was removed from his prime time slot in the evening and bumped to the morning show. Apparently, the thin ice on which the media activist was skating finally cracked, if these details are any indication.

Of course, there is the chance that the network will forgive their most intellect-deprived host and provide him with another chance. But given what has been going on at the company since Licht took over the company, the chances of that happening seem to be slim to none.


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