Even White House Officials Mock Don Lemon's Inflammatory Remarks Against Women

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Former CNN primetime anchorman Don Lemon really stepped into it this time. As we’ve reported, Lemon seemed to go out of his way Thursday to offend people of the feminine persuasion by saying women are only “considered to be in their prime in their 20s and 30s and maybe 40s.”


He had the audacity (stupidity?) to air these bizarre viewpoints in front of his two female co-hosts, Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins, who were both clearly offended.

The internet quickly lit up and pundits of all persuasions took to the airwaves to decry these ridiculous and obnoxious remarks.

On Friday, even National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby and Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre mocked the embattled morning host at the press briefing podium. Jean-Pierre got the action started after Kirby had finished speaking, saying simply:

“Neither of us have hit our prime yet.”

” Beg your pardon?” Kirby asked. [Laughter.] “Oh. Oh! We’re back to my age again,” he said with a grin.


It was the most human moment I’ve seen either of them display.

It was also, however, a sign of just how badly Lemon messed up with his latest gaffe. Known as a reliable Biden cheerleader on a leftist network, he has enjoyed broad support among the Washington D.C. Democrat crowd, and despite getting drunk on live TV on New Year’s Eve (here’s our own Sister Toldjah with the evidence), he was seen as a reliable ally of the Biden Administration.


He may have just permanently alienated his fanbase in just a few seconds of opening his mouth.

Lemon has had a rough patch of late, as new CNN president Chris Licht took away his primetime show and demoted him to the morning slot in an attempt to become more of a “straight-news network.” After years of declining credibility, many view the channel as little more than a mouthpiece office for the Democratic National Committee.

Don has not taken the demotion well, repeatedly clashing with his co-hosts and causing whispers in the newsroom about his overbearing behavior.

While it was interesting to see Jean-Pierre and Kirby show a flash of normalcy, they quickly went back into robot mode. When asked directly about Lemon’s comments and the Biden Administration’s reaction, KJP refused to answer the question as she often does.  A reporter posed this timely query:

“Does the president have anything to say about this national conversation that was sparked after a claim that was seemingly made in defense of the president that Nikki Haley is not in her prime because women hit their prime in their 20s, 30s and 40s?”

At this point, I could almost write the words for her.

“You know, I’m not going to comment directly to that. That is something clearly that needs to be addressed by [CNN].”

The question remains: just what was Lemon thinking? He’s apologized, but his apologies have been weak at best.


He had to have known these statements would offend virtually anyone who is a woman or has one in their life. As a colleague of mine wondered, is he trying to get fired? Maybe he could use his ousting as a calling card for another job (but who would hire him after this?). Or maybe he’s hoping to get axed so he can sue the pants off CNN.

In any case, if he’s attempting to get the boot, he’s doing a damn fine job of it, and I suspect we may soon no longer see him on “the most trusted name in news.”

To remind you just who the White House was finally willing to gently poke fun at, it’s this guy:

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