Former Media Matters Employee Makes Damning Accusation Against the Group’s Leadership

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Media Matters for America (MMFA), a supposed media watchdog group, is one of the most self-righteous, pompous, and dishonest political sites on Al Gore’s internet. It is so imperious and pretentious that it makes the people at The Lincoln Project look like the very embodiment of modesty. It should come as no surprise, then, that a former employee is accusing the organization’s leadership of covering up for a sexual predator in its workplace.


Tim Johnson, a former senior editor for MMFA, took to Twitter to announce his resignation and posted a lengthy thread explaining why he decided to leave after “about 10 years.” He started by highlighting the positive aspects of his experience working at the company. But only a few tweets into the thread, he tagged Ben Dimiero, editorial director at MMFA, asking if he and another unnamed individual “want to talk about April 4” and if Dimiero wanted to “talk about how [he] covered up for a man who preyed on our colleagues.”

Johnson continued, explaining that the alleged predator “suddenly resigned.” He further recounted a night out with the employee: “And to my shame, I went out with him after work that day and we all got really drunk. He told me a sob story, I bought it, and the night ended with him being carried up to his apartment.”

The former MMFA employee continued:

Not too long later, I learned the truth of why he “resigned.” He was dismissed because of his sexual misconduct. But only after years of people in authority positions knowing about what he was doing.

He apparently was still allowed to come into the office (to participate in a poker game). I ran into him on the street, just outside the office, a month or two later after I learned this. He gave me a friendly hello.


Johnson was quick to point out that he did not “reciprocate” the alleged abuser’s greeting and that he hopes he “put the fear of god into him.”

For those who aren’t familiar with Media Matters, the organization is dedicated to monitoring conservative news outlets and trying to find something offensive to whine about on their website. In fact, the outlet is so depraved they have resorted to lying on several occasions to smear right-leaning individuals and organizations. MMFA’s president even mocked efforts to extricate civilians stranded in Afghanistan.

A recent example would be an article the group posted taking issue with the fact that a speaker at a Turning Point USA’s “Young Women’s Leadership Summit” had the unmitigated gall to give “advice to the audience of high school and college-age women on how to find a ‘dude-servative,’ create a ‘godly foundation for your relationship,’ get married, and have children,”

Oh the horror!

It always seems to be the folks who place themselves on pedestals while trying to find fault with everyone else that always have some of the worst dirt, doesn’t it? If Johnson’s allegations are true, MMFA is no better than the people whose reputations and careers they try to ruin. But, can we really be surprised?



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