Media Matters CEO Mocks Americans Trapped in Afghanistan

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Just when you thought politics couldn’t get any slimier, the Media Matters types say “hold my glass of Chardonnay” and go to work. Angelo Carusone, the head of Media Matters, recently displayed how low he can go when he saw that Americans trapped in Afghanistan were reaching out for help to get out of the country.


The Washington Post reported that “thousands of U.S. citizens are trapped in and around Kabul with no ability to get to the airport, which is their only way out of the country.” With Taliban operatives going door to door searching for enemies and Westerners, these individuals are seeking various avenues to escape from the region. Some have reached out to Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) for help.

In response, Sen. Cotton posted a message on Twitter letting those trapped in Afghanistan how they can get in touch with his office. He explained: “The situation is dire, but we’ll do everything in our power to help keep you informed and to help get you out.”

Carusone, instead of amplifying Cotton’s tweet or posting information that might be essential for those stuck in Kabul, chose to mock Cotton and the individuals who are currently in danger. “Imagine being trapped in Afghanistan in this moment..and thinking best person to call is Tom Cotton of all people,” he wrote.


As you may have already guessed, Angelo’s douchey tweet elicited much criticism. Comedian Nick Pappas responded: “Have you considered the possibility this was so botched that they didn’t have anything besides a phone number on Tom Cotton’s Twitter account?”

Christina Pushaw, spokesperson for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wrote:

Yeah, why would you call a Senator who served in Afghanistan when you could have called Biden?

Oh wait, Biden was on the phone to the Broward superintendent praising the forced masking of kindergarteners. Then he went on vacation.

Left-leaning journalist Glenn Greenwald ripped Carusone, noting that this was the “scummiest tweet of the week.”


The Post noted that members of the U.S. Embassy staff in Afghanistan have been transported to the Kabul airport. The author also explained:

But as the U.S. military struggles to even secure the airport grounds, thousands of U.S. citizens who didn’t make it there yet are hiding and hoping someone saves them before roaming Taliban gangs find them. In Washington, several congressional offices are scrambling to help, but complaining that the Biden administration is dropping the ball.

Anyone with an IQ above room temperature could see that these Americans are in a dire situation. Every lawmaker with a platform – regardless of political affiliation – should be using their influence and power to offer any help possible. These folks are very much in danger of being captured, or even worse, executed by the Taliban.

Unfortunately, rocket scientists like Angelo Carusone prioritize partisan politics over saving American lives. But given his history of douchebaggish behavior, can anyone be surprised?


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