Do Democrats Really Think They’re Fooling Anyone?

Do Democrats Really Think They’re Fooling Anyone?
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Do these people really think they’re fooling anyone? Apparently, they do, which is why Democrats continue trying to con the American people into believing everything is hunky-dory as President Joe Biden continues to fail at everything.

Take White House chief of staff Ronald Klain, for example, who thought it wise on Sunday to tweet out an MSN article titled: “Let’s be honest: 2021 wasn’t all bad.” The article, which I will get to in a second, attempts to whitewash the disaster that is the Biden presidency and cover up for the Democrats’ immense ineptitude. As you can imagine, Twitter users bashed Klain, mocking him for this blatant attempt at gaslighting.

In the article, author Albert Hunt tries his darnedest to desperately spin the Democrats’ failures in 2021 into something that isn’t a total disaster. Spoiler alert: He fails miserably.

For starters, Hunt brings up the economy and points out “The unemployment rate is down to 4.2 percent, the lowest since the pandemic hit, and it’s expected to decline further next year. Economic and wage growth are robust.”

He continued:

Total wages, including extra hours of work, are slightly outpacing inflation. More workers are quitting because of better opportunities. Household net worth is up an astounding 20 percent from a year earlier. Bloomberg reported in ten key measurements of the economy, Biden has the best first year record of any president in the last 50 years.

What Hunt is leaving out is the fact that after the economy worsened over 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown orders, it was inevitable that it would start swinging back as states allowed businesses to reopen. This is not rocket science – and it has little to do with the actions of the Biden administration.

Moreover, the impact of inflation has created many a hardship for everyday Americans struggling to deal with higher pricing on everything except potato chips. As RedState’s Bonchie reported, the rate of inflation hit 6.8 percent in November, which is the worst it has been since 1982. Prices for products that Americans buy frequently have seen significant increases.

In a particularly bizarre flex, the author then brings up the death and celebration of former Senator Bob Dole, noting that he was an “enormously effective leader” who crossed partisan lines to implement the 1990 Americans for Disabilities Act. He then used the occasion to lash out at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for acting as a “partisan ‘Grim Reaper’” for “thwarting Democratic initiatives” and preventing Merrick Garland from reaching the Supreme Court.

How in the blue hell does any of this signify that 2021 wasn’t “all bad”?

Hunt goes on to argue, with a straight face, that the Biden administration is “scandal free.” Obviously, he didn’t learn from the activist media’s unsuccessful attempts to apply this dubious label to the Obama administration, which had more than its fair share of scandals.

Perhaps the author forgot about the migrant crisis that was caused by the president and his team along with the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, which is still ongoing. Or maybe he just thinks his readers have forgotten. It is also worth pointing out that this president has not yet finished his first year, meaning there are surely more scandals to follow. If 2021 is any indication, not even the activist media will be able to protect Biden from the disasters he will surely create in the future.

The author also suggests that “[t]he Biden team is more honest, also more competent.”

The saying “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining” comes to mind, doesn’t it?

This administration has been anything but competent. Americans and Afghan allies remain trapped in Afghanistan due to the White House’s failure to carry out an effective evacuation effort. Over 1,000 Afghan children have been brought to the U.S. without their parents. Two months later, they are still waiting to be reunited with their parents.

The migrant crisis continues to be an issue, with record numbers of migrants surging to the southern border and hundreds of thousands of illegals crossing into the country in violation of immigration laws. The White House has failed to produce anything close to a viable solution. Vice President Kamala Harris, despite being appointed border czar in March, has not seemed to be even mildly interested in addressing the supposed “root causes” of the crisis.

However, Hunt does touch on something positive: the fact that “[w]e’re out of endless wars.” Of course, this isn’t technically true given that we are still involved in military conflicts like the ongoing situation in Yemen. But the fact that we are no longer militarily involved in Afghanistan is a positive – probably the only good thing the president has done so far even though he completely fouled up the execution.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, nobody is buying what Hunt’s ilk is selling. They know this presidency is a disaster. They can clearly see that Democrats in Congress aren’t getting much done. So yes, 2021 might not be all bad, but the positives that one can cite have little to nothing to do with President Joe Biden and his merry band of Democrats.

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