Biden’s Migrant Crisis Is Getting People Killed

Migrants make dangerous trek to the southern border through the treacherous Darien Gap, where hundreds are estimated to have perished under harsh conditions.

The migrant crisis has been in the news since it first began earlier this year. But there is an aspect of this ongoing saga that the Biden administration would rather you didn’t know about.


President Joe Biden’s migrant crisis has resulted in at least hundreds of deaths.

Recent reports indicate that a significant number of migrants attempting to make the journey to the southern border have died along the way. The issue is migrants attempting to make it to the southern border by walking through the Darien Gap, which CBS News describes as “a 60-mile stretch of lawless jungle.”

Migrants are traveling through the Darien Gap to reach Panama, and from there, continue on to the southern border. The report notes that “at least 50 bodies have reportedly been found this year, but the real death toll is estimated to be four times higher.”

The Darien Gap is particularly dangerous due to harsh conditions – especially in summer weather – and the presence of cartels and gangs, who prey upon those seeking to gain entry to the United States. The Washington Post reported:

So far this year, Panama has recovered at least 50 sets of remains from migrants crossing the Darien Gap, a number officials believe is only a portion of those who died in the dense, lawless jungle. In recent years, 20 to 30 bodies on average have been recovered annually, but this year Panamanian authorities say more than 90,000 migrants — mostly Haitians — have crossed the Darien Gap from Colombia and the body count reflects that surging migration.

José Vicente Pachar, director of Panama’s Forensic Sciences Institute, told the Post, “[t]hat number is a minimum quantity of the human remains there are along the whole route.” He continued:


Many of them die of natural causes, for example, a heart attack; they fall and no one attends to them. They stay there or they’re assaulted or the water’s current comes and takes the bodies that end up floating along the river’s edge.

Pachar also explained that Panamanian authorities “don’t have a way to investigate like we want to with international support, to go on the trails, the paths, because all the descriptions and statements (say) there are human remains.”

AFP News Agency posted pictures and footage of migrants attempted to cross through the Darien jungle.

The Post also reported:

The bodies are often badly decomposed in the high-humidity environment or partially eaten by animals. Those who may have witnessed a death, being migrants themselves, keep going and are not around to assist in identifications. And most of the bodies are without identification, it having been stolen or lost.

Julio Vergara, Darien province’s top prosecutor, said that even when migrants report  a death, “when we do the recovery and are going to corroborate the facts, the migrants who reported it have unfortunately continued on their route.” He also indicated that of the deaths he has investigated, five were Haitians, two were Cubans, and one was Brazilian. Four of these individuals were children.


The Biden administration is still failing to develop a meaningful solution to the crisis. Vice President Kamala Harris, who was ostensibly tasked with addressing the “root issues” motivating so many migrants to make the dangerous journey to the United States, has yet to offer any real plans to address the situation.

Guatemalan anti-corruption activist Manfredo Marroquín, who met with Harris when she visited the country, told the Los Angeles Times that he is skeptical about the possibility that the situation will be dealt with anytime soon. He brought up President Biden’s botched withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan as a contrast to the consequences of allowing the migrant crisis to continue. He said if the U.S. ignores this problem, “you will have 1 million people at the border.”

Jessica Vaughan, policy director for the Center for Immigration Studies said the administration and the groups encouraging more migration to the southern border “should be ashamed of what is happening.” She told Breitbart News:

Biden’s policy is so wrong, not only in the sense of the law, but morally wrong, because his policies are motivating people across the globe to turn over their life savings and put themselves and their children in the hands of a criminal smuggling organization, to take a very dangerous track through jungles, over danger dangerous bodies of water, breaking the laws of multiple countries on the way, putting themselves at risk for extortion, assault, and many other forms of harm.


While some left-leaning activist media organizations have reported on this tragic situation, the story is largely flying under the radar. The press seems intent on not making a big deal out of the fact that so many migrants are perishing on their way to the U.S. It is certainly a sharp contrast in how they would approach the issue if former President Donald Trump were still in office.

The fact of the matter is that these deaths are partly President Biden’s fault. Yes, these individuals made their own decision and chose to embark on a perilous journey. However, news stories have shown that the primary reason why migrants are swarming the southern border is that Biden all but made it clear that these individuals would be allowed into the United States if they made the long trek.

Indeed, his decision to reverse most of his predecessors’ immigration policies was an invitation to those who would not have decided to come to the border otherwise. Why make such a dangerous journey if you know you will be turned away?

However, it is not just Biden’s reversal of Trump’s policies, but also the fact that he uses taxpayer funds to support Darien Gap migration. A State Department official in July told Breitbart News:

In Panama, through our international organization partners, the United States provides basic humanitarian aid to asylum seekers, refugees, and vulnerable migrants, and supports efforts to increase access to local services.

Jessica Vaughan also pointed out:


They’re coming now because they have a reasonable expectation that they will be allowed to stay in the United States. They wouldn’t attempt this, they wouldn’t turn over their life savings and put themselves in a dangerous situation, unless that were true. And they know enough people who have already done it.

Unfortunately, this administration still seems intent on doing little to nothing to stem the flow of migrants to the border. The issue has become so pronounced that the number of migrants traveling to the U.S. during the summer months has increased. Normally, the flow starts to decrease during this time of the year due to the hot weather conditions.

With Biden (or Harris) is in the White House, the nation is going to have to endure at least another three years of open borders policy and inept immigration enforcement. But hopefully, this will be one of many issues that will lead to a Republican takeover of the presidency.



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