Kamala Harris to Skip the Border and Head South to Discover the "Root Cause" of the Migration Issue

Vice-President Kamala Harris may be going too far to discover the “root cause” of the migration issue, but her plan is to travel into Mexico and Guatemala on an investigative/diplomatic trip to discover why so many migrants are heading north to America, many of whom will become illegal immigrants.


According to Fox News, detective Harris is going to be involved in “high-level diplomatic” work that “ultimately, over the long term, will address the migration issues we’re seeing.”

Interestingly, they added that this “it’s not an assignment to ‘handle the border'” as White House communications director Kate Bedingfield told MSNBC. The thing is, she can skip the trip because the “root cause” of this illegal migration surge and border crisis is actually here in America. In fact, it’s within the very office that many people believe Harris will soon inherit.

This is Biden’s border crisis without a doubt. The actions that were taken upon his arrival into office, and even the rhetoric he engaged in before he took it, sent all the signals in the world to many south of the border that America had its arms wide open for them.

As the Washington Examiner wrote of Biden’s actions that led to this point, it’s pretty clear this was his doing:

On Day One, Biden halted construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall, despite proof that walls work. The wall funnels migrants toward points of entry where U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents can more easily stop illegal immigrants, as well as human and drug traffickers. Walls are an essential part of securing our border, but Biden and Democrats refuse to admit it, prioritizing political rhetoric over realistic results.

Next, Biden proposed mass amnesty for at least 11 million illegal immigrants, further exacerbating the crisis at our border. The promise of amnesty has lured more people to cross our borders illegally. These policies encourage illegal immigration because there are no foreseen consequences, only rewards. Just look at the large group of migrants traveling to our southern border wearing T-shirts that read, “Biden, please let us in.”

With these poor policies ruling the day, the crisis at the border was inevitable, but little did we know we would reach a breaking point so soon.


According to Axios, the Customs and Border Protection Chief Mark Morgan also pointed at Biden as the root cause of the migration crisis:

“If your policy consists of stopping deportation for almost four months, discontinuing or not supporting Title 42, revoking the Migrant Protection Protocols,” Morgan said, listing off other elements of Biden’s immigration platform, “the message you’re sending is clear and simple: We have open borders.”

If all that is the case, then this trip of Harris’s really isn’t an investigative trip at all, it’s an attempt to displace blame for Biden’s massive error that lead to the crisis we’re currently seeing. Harris will likely have a lot of cameras on hand while she looks very seriously at the leaders of these countries, have a few photo ops of her in various locations around these countries, and then conclude that one of the reasons things are so bad there is because of our policies here in the states.

Somehow, it’ll be the fault of Republicans.

But the truth is much simpler. Biden made a lot of declarations about our place as a country when it comes to immigrants, canceled the border wall construction, and eliminated policies that deal with migrants. This is Biden’s fault and if they really want to make it better, their first act should be to do what the last guy did.



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