Republican Governors Gather at the Border to Tell Biden How to Do His Job

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott addresses reporters during a press conference with ten other Republican governors about the migrant crisis (Credit: Fox News)

A group of Republican governors on Wednesday held a press conference in Mission, Texas to discuss President Joe Biden’s ongoing migrant crisis. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott led the effort, explaining what his state would do to address the worsening situation at the southern border.


Abbott was joined by 10 other governors including Montana Governor Greg Gianforte, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, Idaho Governor Brad Little, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, and Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon.

The confab was also joined by various members of law enforcement. Abbott explained that “Texas and other states are taking action to do the federal government’s job.”

The governors unveiled a 10-point plan that President Biden should implement to address the crisis. It includes securing the border, continuing Title 42 public health restrictions, reinstating the Migrant Protection Protocols, ceasing catch and release, sending clearer messaging to would-be migrants, and a host of other measures.

Gov. Abbott also touted the steps Texas has taken to address the situation at the border despite having little to no help from the White House. These included signing legislation granting $3 billion for border security efforts, authorizing funds to finish the border wall in Texas, signing nine laws to crack down on human trafficking, issuing an executive order barring non-government entities from transporting illegal aliens.


This is the latest in a series of efforts on the part of Republican governors to compel President Biden to take the migrant crisis seriously. On Sept. 20, 26 GOP governors sent a letter to the White House demanding a meeting to discuss the matter. The Republican Governors’ Association announced the letter, noting in part:

As we surpass the eight-month mark of a relentless and unregulated surge of illegal crossings, Republican governors are responding to the detrimental effects of the Biden administration’s failure to secure the border.

The border crisis has become one of the Biden administration’s worst failures. Not only did the president cause the catastrophe by implicitly inviting these individuals to make the trek to the U.S., his team has shown a remarkable lack of concern when it comes to decreasing the number of migrants traveling to the southern border. Vice President Kamala Harris, despite her supposed effort to address the “root causes” of this current wave of migration, has been utterly useless.

While the activist media was critical of the president during the early months of the crisis, they seem to have fallen back to running interference, downplaying stories that would allow the public to see how horribly the administration is handling the affair. Earlier this week, it was revealed that at least hundreds of migrants have died while trying to get to the southern border.


Still, despite the activist media’s refusal to highlight this issue, Americans have taken notice and it is not looking good for Democrats. Polls have shown that people are none too happy with Biden’s mishandling of the problem. But Democrats in Congress have shown a similar disregard for the impact this situation is having on the country. In June, they sought to slash funding for Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in the middle of the crisis.

Unfortunately, this situation does not appear to be ending anytime soon. It is likely that the country will continue to deal with the effects of open borders policies at least until 2024.


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