House Democrats Want to Slash Border Patrol Funding Amid Migrant Crisis -- What Could Go Wrong?

AP Photo/Gregory Bull

It’s almost like Democrats want the situation at the southern border to get worse. Amid a migrant crisis in which hundreds of thousands of immigrants have surged the border, House Democrats wish to slash Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) budget by almost one billion dollars.


“The committee’s newly released draft of their Homeland Security funding bill would provide $14.11 billion in net discretionary funding, down $927 million from fiscal year 2021,” according to Fox News.

According to a summary of the bill, the proposal “provides no funding for additional Border Patrol Agents or border barriers” and also “rescinds $2.06 billion from prior year appropriations for border barrier construction.”

The bill comes as CBP announced that its agents encountered 180,034 migrants trying to cross the border in May. The agency has been stretched thin from the influx of legal and illegal immigrants attempting to gain entry into the United States. The situation has become more dangerous as Mexican drug cartels have been empowered by the increase in migrant activity.

Fox News also reported:

The bill’s funding amount for CBP is $456 million below what the White House requested. The committee did note, however, a number of provisions that were above that request, such as funding for border technology, port of entry technology, and services for CBP personnel such as tuition assistance, childcare service, and on-site mental health clinicians. The bill also provides for “migrant processing improvements,” aimed at better protecting migrants who are in custody.

With President Joe Biden’s mishandling of the crisis, it is not difficult to imagine how much worse it could get if CBP is unable to obtain the resources necessary to deal with the situation on the ground. The number of migrants and unaccompanied minors will only grow as it becomes easier for people to sneak over the border due to an understaffed CBP.


The bottom line is that CBP is understaffed and without the resources necessary to handle the ongoing flood of migrants appearing at the southern border. Slashing the agency’s funding at this point is akin to sending troops into a warzone armed with water balloons.

Of course, it makes sense to speculate that this is the exact scenario that the Democrats wish to create. It is no secret that the hard left favors an open borders approach because importing more legal and illegal immigrants could grant them a political advantage in the years to come. This is especially true if Biden achieves his goal of giving over 11 million illegals a pathway to citizenship.

To put it simply, Democrats are willing to make it harder for American workers to obtain gainful employment and place them in danger from illegals entering the country to avoid being turned away because of criminal records. If it means they can gain a political advantage, it doesn’t really matter how it impacts the American people, does it?


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