Rep. James Clyburn Engages in Some Wishful Thinking

Rep. James Clyburn Engages in Some Wishful Thinking
Kevin Lamarque/Pool via AP

The Democrats seem to believe the outcome of the California recall election is evidence that the rest of the nation is on board with their authoritarian agenda — especially when it concerns vaccine and mask mandates. Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) was the latest high-profile Democrat to put forth this idea. But when you take the bigger picture into consideration, it becomes clear that the lawmaker might be failing to read the room.

During an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Clyburn addressed a series of issues pertaining to the infrastructure bill. But he was also asked about the “Justice for J6” rally at the U.S. Capitol on Saturday, which was sparsely attended. In response, he said:

“You know, they made some political calculations that paid off last year in many parts of the country. But I think the American people in the last several months have begun to look at exactly what’s going on here, and they are rejecting that.

Now I know that people talk about California as being the left course of whatever they may call it, but California’s result, I think, shows that the American people are sick and tired of the posturing. They’re sick and tired of the lying.”

Clyburn continued, indicating that the result of the rally demonstrated that people believe the Democratic Party is the “future.” He said:

“They want to see this country in a place that they can leave something for their children and grandchildren as being left for them. That’s where we are.

So I think that what you saw on Saturday is a reflection of that. What you see with these Republicans not choosing to run again, some switching parties, all of those things are reflections of the fact that the American people see in the Democratic Party the future of what this country ought to be and where this country can go. I believe you’re going to see that time and time again.”

It appears Democrats like Clyburn are misreading the situation. Yes, Democrats won the recall election. But is it really unusual for the left to win in a state like California? Does it make sense to argue this is somehow indicative of what the rest of the nation believes?

Poll after poll has shown that Americans are not in favor of much of what the left is pushing nowadays. They’re not fans of wokeism being taught in the classroom. They don’t favor compelling people to take a vaccine. People are not in line with President Joe Biden’s open borders agenda.

Clyburn is also forgetting the myriad of failures that the Biden administration has experienced. From the migrant crisis to the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, the president has shown a remarkable inability to handle problems — and the American people are seeing his incompetence. If Democrats think the recall portends a bright future for them, they are in for a devastating disappointment in 2022.

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