Kamala Harris Plays Around, as the US Border Is Overrun

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We’ve reported on Joe Biden running off to the beach this weekend, while disasters have continued to mount — France recalling its ambassador; his administration had to admit that they screwed up badly and killed an innocent family with seven children instead of ISIS; Americans remain trapped in Afghanistan and held hostage by the Taliban; and the border crisis in Del Rio is still out of control.


But where is the other “half” of the “Biden/Harris administration”? Remember, they insisted that we call the administration with both names. Nice job. So, it reminds us that Kamala, too, is responsible for every mess that is generated out of the clown car. But particularly the parts that she’s supposedly been assigned to do something about, like the border.

Where are any of the things that she said were supposed to help the border situation? When was the last time she even mentioned it? One would think that she should care about the thousands of illegal aliens stuck under the International Bridge in Del Rio, in reportedly squalid conditions.


The flow seems to have stopped thanks to the Texas DPS, who are now “there in force,” but it’s still a mess.

From Daily Wire:

The New York Times reported that local officials have described the scene as one resembling a “a shantytown, with little access to clean water and food and just a few portable toilets.” The Times noted that there was no running water at the site, and photos showed people having to carry large packages of bottled water to the area.

Rep. August Pfluger (R-TX) said that majority of the nearly 15,000 illegal aliens were military aged males and he reportedly told Fox News that there was allegedly criminal activity taking place in the area where the illegal aliens were staying under the bridge.

Rep. Tony Gonzalez (R-TX) said on Saturday that the situation on the border was so dire that “there are food shortages in grocery stores” and “restaurants have closed early to make food for the camp and workers who usually commute from Mexico are unable to get to work resulting in a shortage of help.”


Meanwhile because the CBP has to deal with all this, 224 miles of border is completely open to other illegal breaches, drug smuggling, whatever.

Over 208,000 people were detained entering illegally in August.

So, where is Kamala? Working hard on the crisis? Not so much.

Harris was attending a college football game Saturday between Howard and Hampton at Audi Field in Washington, D.C. There were a lot of empty seats — interesting, given the packed stadiums we have been seeing at colleges over the past couple of weeks. They had her there to do the coin toss. She was a graduate of Howard.

How is this helping the border? What exactly has she done, if anything?

Trump social media guy Dan Scavino provides the perfect juxtaposition.



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