American Attitudes on Police Demonstrate Why Democrats Are out of Touch With the Public

It appears that the Democrats’ year-long campaign to turn the public against the police has been about as successful as Charlie Brown kicking Lucy’s football. Despite the constant chants of “Defund the Police” and their cynical exploitation of the murder of George Floyd, Americans still view the police in a positive light.


A Hill-HarrisX poll released on Thursday revealed that an overwhelming majority of Americans hold favorable views towards law enforcement. The Hill reported:

Eighty-three percent of registered voters in the July 28-29 survey said they have a favorable view of police officers, while 17 percent said they have an unfavorable one.

What is even more damning to the Democrats’ stance on law enforcement is the opinions of black Americans, who the left typically uses as political cudgels against the police. The survey revealed that “71 percent of Black voters and another 71 percent of Hispanic voters said the same.”

This poll shows what most of us already know: Americans understand that the majority of police officers are not corrupt. The ones who abuse their power make up a small percentage of members of law enforcement.

While most Americans generally have a positive view of the police, they also understand the need for changes in law enforcement. A Gallup poll released in July demonstrated that most Americans (58 percent) believe that policing needs “major changes.” About 36 percent believe that “minor changes” are necessary. This means that 94 percent of Americans believe that at least some change is needed in the way the country does policing.


The bottom line is that most Americans don’t judge all police by the actions of a few. They believe that the bad apples do not represent the entirety of law enforcement. However, they still recognize that the officers abusing their authority remains a serious issue that must be rectified.

This is a remarkable departure from the anti-cop propaganda that the hard left has been spewing since five seconds after George Floyd died. The far-left socialist wing of the Democratic Party has still been in full swing in their efforts to paint law enforcement as racist jack-booted thugs who wake up every morning pondering how they can make life harder for a black man.

As we reported, Rep. Cori Bush in an interview with CBS News blatantly exposed her hypocrisy when she explained that she would continue to hire private security while still advocating for the defunding of the police. Progressives apparently believe it is acceptable to protect themselves while pushing for policies that will leave black Americans more vulnerable to violent crime – and they see no irony in this behavior.


Combine this with the skyrocketing crime rates that have occurred in part because the hard left has succeeded in pressuring cities to decrease the number of police on the streets and you have a recipe for a devastating loss in the upcoming midterm elections. The lack of police has contributed to an alarming uptick in homicides and most of the people losing their lives are black. At this point, it cannot be denied that these far-leftists do not have the best interests of the black community at heart.

But even further, it is now abundantly obvious that the left is still failing to read the room. Sure, there are some moderate Democrats who have been pushing back against the far-left since the beginning of this year. Unfortunately for them, it’s probably too little too late


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