Minneapolis Politicians Who Backed Defunding the Police Suddenly Denying It as Crime and Murder Surge

AP Photo/Julio Cortez

Well, well, well, how the turntables

Minneapolis Democrats were cheerleading the Black Lives Matter call to defund the police across the nation and now that crime has surged within the city, they’re not denying they had any involvement in it at all.


According to Fox News, two Minneapolis City Council Members are proclaiming that they had no involvement in the “defund the police” movement days after they voted to shift around $8 million from the city’s police budget after they themselves called for its dismantling:

City Council Member Steve Fletcher rejected the idea that the council’s goal was to defund the police during a recent interview with local news station KSTP-TV – and instead said the budget cuts came as a result of the need to fund other programs.

“‘Defund’ is not the framework the council has ever chosen,” Fletcher said during the interview that aired this week. He was seated next to Council Member Phillipe Cunningham, who agreed.

Fletcher and Cunningham were two of the nine city council members who attended an event in June where they stood behind a sign that stated “defund police” and said they would dismantle the police department, just weeks after the May 25 death of George Floyd, according to the report.

“I think that it’s important to name that dismantle does not mean dismantle into nothing, it means dismantling what we currently have to build something new,” Cunningham told the station.

At the June event, council member Jeremiah Ellison promised the council would “dismantle” the city’s police, and Lisa Bender swore “to end policing as we know it and recreate systems that actually keep us safe.”

Fox News reported that crime skyrocketed in the city with 5,237 violent crimes reported so far. Compare that to the 4,169 logged in 2019. As of the writing of this article, Minneapolis murders have hit 78 compared to 45 murders in 2019. That’s an increase of 83 percent.


Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey threatened to veto the original defund bill which would have capped the police force off at 750, bringing it down from 888. He called the move “irresponsible.”

He’s not wrong. Cutting the limbs off of the police department as crime is currently running rampant in the city is like pulling the teeth out of your wolf dog while the foxes raid the hen house. But it would appear that members of the council don’t want to take responsibility for their own actions, choosing instead to try to alter their intention despite agreeing with the most radical of their city’s leftists not too long ago.

To be clear, these city council members who vowed and cheered for defunding the police department at the behest of the leftist radicals inside and out of the city are now claiming they have no blood on their hands despite using those hands to sign off on it all.

People died so they could play politics and now they want you to believe the outcome of their actions isn’t their fault.


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