Cori Bush Brings Palms to Faces With Wild, Cognitively Dissonant Rant

How do you make Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez look like a Rhodes Scholar with incredible impulse control? You stand her next to Cori Bush, the crazed Democrat Representative from Missouri.


Bush is hardly a new mention here at RedState, as she’s covered the gamut from telling dangerous lies about police-involved shootings to claiming the 4th of July is a white holiday to possibly forging threats against herself. In short, she’s no stranger to foolhardy, scorching hot takes.

Even still, the cognitive dissonance in her latest rant is something to behold. While appearing on CBS News, Bush asserted that she’s going to spend whatever money she has to spend on personal security…so she can ensure the police are defunded.

Now, some might think the paraphrase offered is unfair or taking Bush out of context, but please, I urge anyone who’s skeptical to hit play and listen for yourself. She actually, without even seeming to notice the disconnect, brags that she’ll spend hundreds of thousands of dollars if she has to so she can be in Congress to fight to defund the police.

If there was ever a moment that showed how power corrupts and perverts, this is it. Bush apparently grew up in poverty, likely in a high-crime area. Do you know who suffers the most from crime? People who live in high-crime areas. Do you know what helps push back on criminal activity, protecting minority-majority communities? The police.

And look, I’m no “back the blue” absolutist. I have my qualms with some aspects of policing, how far qualified immunity goes, and how often the justice system is abused by partisans. Yet, I also understand that defunding the police would cause far more harm than good and that doing so would result in far more dead people. The question is, does Bush understand that?


Honestly, I’m not sure. Under normal circumstances, I’ll be cynical and assume that Bush, being a politician, is simply your run-of-the-mill hypocrite who wants armed protection while denying it for others. But that would assume Bush is intelligent enough to perceive how dumb and contradictory her position is. For example, Ilhan Omar is equally nuts, but she’s intelligent enough to know she’s nuts. Bush, on the other hand, strikes me as someone who just isn’t very smart.

That should bother you. Congress is supposed to be a collection of rationally thinking minds able to create laws that affect hundreds of millions of people. It’s not supposed to be a place for people that are so mentally vapid that they can’t even recognize a gross contradiction as they shout it on broadcast television. Yet, here we are. I’m sure it’ll all work out just fine.


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