People Like Robin DiAngelo Want to Turn America Into a Nation of Hypersensitive Freaks

Author Robin DiAngelo argues that comedy shows like "Family Guy" and "The Simpsons" are racist. (Credit: Joseph Jaffe)

Author Robin DiAngelo, a well-known leftist grifter who plies her trade by capitalizing on unsuspecting white liberals by playing on their white guilt, recently came out against comedy shows. That’s right. The self-hating white woman stated that humor is just another way for people to be racist without dealing with any negative consequences.

During an interview with YouTuber Joseph Jaffe, DiAngelo argued that shows like “South Park,” “Family Guy,” and “The Simpsons,” are problematic because they give white folks an “excuse” to act like racists. She said:

“Comedy is, I think, an excuse to get to be racist, right? I think TV shows like ‘Family Guy’ and ‘South Park’ and maybe ‘The Simpsons’ allowed White people to be racist self-consciously.”

She continued: “Like, I know I’m being racist and therefore it doesn’t count and it’s OK.”

The author and grifter stated that she doesn’t “think it’s benign to do it in a joking way.” She added:

“And there is a concept in comedy called punching up, there are very different power dynamics and it doesn’t hurt in the same way. It doesn’t invoke a deep, deep centuries-long history of oppression when you poke fun at say, White people. But it’s very, very different when you poke fun at people of color.”

DiAngelo then insisted that racial jokes “reinforce” racism and that white people must “resist” racist ideologies. She said:

“So how do we deal with laughing at a racist joke? We recognized that in those moments we were reinforcing those ideas and those ideologies. Let’s use [former President Donald] Trump as an example when he talked about Mexicans being rapists, I would never say that, but it’s not like I never heard it circulating that I’ve already absorbed and fortunately I have the consciousness now to resist it.”

DiAngelo, who has argued that “racism is the foundation of Western society,” is engaged in the same type of behavior as the rest of her white guilt-ridden comrades. People like her wish to transform the United States into a nation of sniveling, whiny, hypersensitive, children who lack the mental fortitude and maturity to watch the antics of Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson without instantly screaming, “THASS RAAAYYYCISSS!”

RedState’s Brandon Morse put it perfectly when he argued that one of the best ways to counter evil ideologies like Nazism is a song like “Springtime for Hitler” and that films like “Blazing Saddles” are excellent ways to counter the prevalence of racism. Yet, as many have acknowledged, one could never make films like “The Producers” or “Blazing Saddles” in 2021 because the crybullies on the hard left would have a nervous breakdown and wokesplain to the rest of us why these masterpieces are problematic.

This tendency on the part of the far left might seem ridiculous – and it is – but even more than that, it is highly dangerous to American society. We have already seen in many ways how the nation is becoming weaker and weaker. People are becoming increasingly sensitive about issues of race and pretty much everything else.

It’s a pernicious trend.

When people are incentivized to be offended and to use offenses to signal their virtue by speaking out against whatever perceived evil or injustice they perceive or concoct, it makes for a culture that becomes less equipped to handle actual wrongdoing. It makes it easier for legitimately malevolent actors to take advantage of the culture’s hypersensitivity and emotionalism in a way that leaves people susceptible to cynical manipulation.

Perhaps this is why the hard left has cultivated this Society of the Perpetually Offended™. When people are upset, angry, or otherwise emotional, it is easier to get them to believe what you want them to believe.

But there is good news.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve written articles discussing various polls showing that the American public is largely not on board with the so-called progressive obsession with being offended. In 2018, an NPR/PBS/Marist poll showed that 52 percent of participants indicated that they were against the country becoming more politically correct. This is an indicator that America is still not willing to throw itself headfirst into a culture of perpetual offense.

Still, this does not mean that the far left is giving up. Through its reliance on cancel culture, they continue their efforts to silence people who make utterances of which they do not approve. Despite the pushback, they seek to move us toward a more hypersensitive PC America. Unless people roundly repudiate this trend, they will eventually succeed.


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