It's Pretty Easy to Understand Why "White Fragility" Author Robin DiAngelo is Attacking Comedy

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The book “White Fragility” is what happens when a guilt-ridden upper-class woman decides to self-flagellate over her “white privilege” in full view of those she believes she wronged by her mere white existence. The act of writing “White Fragility” is Robin DiAngelo publicly making it clear, in front of black separationist Jesus and everybody, that she’s one of the good white people.

DiAngelo is a woman to be laughed at and laughed about because doing so would dispel any notion that this woman and her own insecurities should be taken seriously. This can’t happen for the left, though. If we get used to joking and laughing about DiAngelo and her ridiculous take on race relations, then we’ll inevitably start laughing about the overall narrative about race relations from DiAngelo’s hard-left side of the aisle.

Once we start laughing about that, the left loses its greatest weapon.

I’ve said it many a time, and I’m going to say it again. I’ll keep saying it till the day I die: Comedy is society’s greatest disinfectant. It has many uses, and one often not talked about is its ability to stop the creation of sacred cows or destroy them once they’re established.

It should be zero surprise that DiAngelo thinks comedy is now racist and thinks that you should stop making jokes about racism, race relations, and anything else that she covers on her speaking tour.

From Fox News:

“Comedy is, I think, an excuse to get to be racist, right?” the “White Fragility” author said. “I think TV shows like ‘Family Guy’ and ‘South Park’ and maybe a little bit ‘The Simpsons’ allowed White people to be racist self-consciously. Like, ‘I know I’m being racist and therefore it doesn’t count and it’s OK.’

“I don’t think it’s benign to do it in a joking way,” DiAngelo continued. “And there is a concept in comedy called punching up, not down. So if you want to punch up, there are very different power dynamics and it doesn’t hurt in the same way. It doesn’t invoke a deep, deep centuries-long history of oppression when you poke fun at say, White people. But it’s very, very different when you poke fun at people of color.”

Translated, this means that DiAngelo’s bottom line is about to be hit because you’re now more than willing to laugh at the stuff she’s suggesting thanks to comedians doing their job. Therefore, comedy needs to be looked at with a critical, and dare I say, theoretical eye.

I say that eliminating comedy would be the collapse of civilization as we know it and the rise of tyrannical people and groups that would lead us all into a dark age.

It’s imperative that you laugh. In everything, and I mean everything, is an element of humor. Yes, the Nazis did some of the worst things ever, but one of the best strikes against Hitler and the Nazi ideology since the Normandy invasion was “The Producers” song “Springtime for Hitler.” Racism is a destructive, society-collapsing issue, but I still think the best argument against it came in the form of Mel Brooks’s Blazing Saddles.

DiAngelo doesn’t want a solution for racism. In fact, the moment racism was wiped off the planet, DiAngelo would be out of a job. She needs the division between races to keep going, and pointing at white people as the source of all the minority-related problems in America is keeping her on the speaking circuit and giving her cable news spots.

If people like DiAngelo and the subject matter she spews forth are never laughed at then too many people will take her seriously and soon you’ll see her ideas take root in ways you never thought they could.

As I make in one case in the video below, transgenderism became something we could never joke about in any way, and now we have trans kids dancing on stage at bars while patrons throw money at them.

Joke about it all, and don’t stop joking about it.


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