Have Democrats Become the Party of the Stupid?

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One of the most common jokes on the right is that the Democrats are the party of the dangerous, and the Republicans are the party of the stupid. As with most jokes, there was always some truth to this maxim. However, it seems that lately, the Democrats have been veering into “stupid” territory when it comes to the plethora of unforced errors its members have been making.


This isn’t to say that there was nothing stupid about the Democratic Party prior to this new trend. On the contrary, most of their ideas have defied reason, logic, and common sense. But when it comes to messaging, the left has typically been on point. Indeed, conservatives have often lamented the reality that the Republican Party has consistently fallen short when it comes to messaging.

Nevertheless, over the past year, the Democrats and their close friends and allies in the activist media have demonstrated a remarkable and uncharacteristic lack of intelligence in their messaging strategy. Each position on various issues has become another brick in the wall of stupid that the Democrats seem intent on building.

For starters, let’s take police brutality, for example. So-called progressives who pretend to care about black people have decried the disproportionate use of excessive force against African Americans. They have rightly demanded accountability for officers who have abused their power. But then, they undermined their arguments by embracing the stupid. This can clearly be seen in the “Defund the Police” movement.

Here’s the deal: No sane American wants less police activity in their communities. In fact, the people the left purports to be protecting with this silly idea are in staunch opposition to such an initiative.

A Gallup poll conducted last year revealed that 81 percent of black Americans want either the same level of law enforcement activity in their communities or more. African Americans want police reform, not less police.


Even worse, a USA Today/Ipsos poll showed that only 18 percent of all Americans support the “Defund the Police” initiative. Indeed, only one-third of Democrats are in favor of this idea.

Nevertheless, Democrats still insist on pushing for fewer police officers on the streets and less funding for law enforcement. To be fair, there are Democrats like Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) who have publicly pushed back on this campaign. “Defund the police is a chokehold around the Democratic Party!” he said.

Of course, we would be remiss to overlook how Democrats are reacting to the situation in Cuba. Thousands of Cubans took to the streets to protest the brutal treatment being meted out by the communist regime under which they are suffering.

In response, the Biden administration gave a rather tepid criticism of the Cuban government, referring to it simply as “authoritarian.” Until recently, the White House deliberately ignored the hammer and sickle in the room. President Joe Biden finally publicly condemned the communist regime on Thursday, four days after the protests began.

What’s worse are the reactions from the global Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who were more intent on pushing “America Bad” propaganda than addressing the real source of Cuba’s suffering. BLM blatantly lied about the situation in an attempt to convince its followers that the Cuban regime is not responsible for the rampant starvation and economic woes that people are experiencing.


Ocasio-Cortez managed to give some criticism of the Cuban regime but quickly changed the subject to America’s embargo on the country’s government. She showed a remarkable level of hypocrisy by laying into the United States for the embargo when she supports similar measures being enacted against Israel through the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) movement.

The Democrats’ messaging on Cuba is yet another example of stupidity that will only alienate more voters in the upcoming elections. Most Americans – even Democrats – are not on board with the type of Marxist ideology that leads to the conditions in which Cubans are currently living. Prominent leftists defending the Cuban regime while bashing America is not a good look.

Last, but most certainly not least, we have the ongoing debate over Critical Race Theory (CRT) and other forms of woke theology being pushed in America’s classrooms as well as other institutions like the military. Leftist messaging on this matter has been all over the place. While some are claiming that elements of the theory are not being included in the curriculum, others are defending its teaching in K-12 classrooms.

Leftists have been arguing that conservative opponents of CRT don’t know what it is, but many of these same people argue that it is just about teaching history. Anyone who has read even one book on CRT knows that it is about far more than making sure that schools are teaching accurate history. Apparently, many on the left don’t understand what CRT is either.


Combine these elements with the realities that over 4,000 teachers have signed a pledge to teach CRT in defiance of laws banning it and the fact that the nation’s largest teachers union plans to promote the theory in 14,000 schools, and one can easily see that these leftists are lying through their teeth. Even worse, a recent Harvard/Harris poll revealed that most Americans are not in favor of teaching this type of curriculum in their children’s schools.

To put it simply, the Democrats are insisting on pushing ideas and policies that are not popular with the rest of the American public. Americans don’t want to defund the police. Americans don’t favor communism. Americans don’t want woke theology being taught to their children.

The left has failed to read the room, which is why they are currently engaging in a lot of stupid. The Republican Party might still deserve the “party of stupid” moniker, but at this point, they are going to have to share the label.


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