Black Lives Matter Releases a Horrific Statement on Cuba and It's Time for the Reckoning

Black Lives Matter Releases a Horrific Statement on Cuba and It's Time for the Reckoning
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After reading this article, you’ll understand why I feel rather good about my refusal to ever embrace Black Lives Matter as many Republican politicians did last summer, marching under their banner and repeating their slogan.

With the ongoing protests in Cuba against the communist dictatorship and its oppression, the silence from many on the left has been noticeable. While you’ve gotten cowardly notes of “support” from the establishment, usually blaming COVID or economic issues for the unrest, other “social justice warriors” like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley have simply said nothing.

Yet, their favorite grifting, racist organization has finally spoken out, and it’s one of the more horrific statements I’ve ever read on a political matter.

Does BLM speak out for the dissidents who are pushing back against a murderous communist government after generations of oppression and turmoil that has caused so much suffering? Nah.

Instead, they actually show support for the communists, claiming that they have shown “solidarity” with oppressed peoples of “African descent.” They then go on to use the harboring of a convicted cop-killer as an example of the greatness of the Cuban dictatorship. Of course, even the idea that the communists aren’t racist is false as that’s still the predominant position in the government there. Every “black liberation” movement the Cuban government has supported has been for political reasons.

But just in case you weren’t assured yet that BLM is a garbage, racist, Marxist organization that supports atrocities committed around the world, they go on to name who the real bad guy is in all this — the United States.

Yes, you guessed it. It’s our fault that the Cuban communists are tyrannical psychopaths because we have an embargo that stops the communist government from trading with us. Of course, that embargo doesn’t stop Cuba from trading with hundreds of other countries, making the talking point that it is the sole reason for Cuba’s misery rather suspect.

Regardless, Cubans aren’t chanting for more American imports. Rather, they are chanting for freedom and liberty after having suffered for decades under a communist regime that disallows them to pursue their own prosperity and happiness, whether we are talking financially or physically. BLM trying to spin it as an economic issue, asserting that the communists are really the good guys, is just disgusting.

And you know what? It’s long past time for a reckoning.

Corporations across the world embraced this awful organization. They painted its logo on their merchandise and sports fields. They donated tens of millions of dollars that have mostly vanished into the ether. They insinuated their own customers were racists for not bowing before the predominant narrative they were pushing.

The same is true for politicians and their media allies. Mitt Romney marched with BLM protesters. The State Department flew the BLM flag and hung their banners at our embassies. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris fluffed the organization as a necessary voice. News anchors took to the air to denounce anyone who didn’t agree with and spread BLM’s propaganda far and wide.

Meanwhile, those of us who stood up and pointed out the Marxist founding of BLM, the anti-American trash on their website, and the fact that they were a divisive, harmful aspect of our culture were called racists.

In the end, though, my conscience is clear, and anyone who supported BLM needs to be made to answer for what that organization is now proudly broadcasting it is.

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