WATCH: Talking Critical Race Theory With Quisha King

Quisha King speaks with RedState's Jeff Charles about Critical Race Theory

The subject of Critical Race Theory (CRT) continues to be a hotly debated topic as more and more parents and conservatives push back against its teachings and how it is being used in the classroom. As Americans argue over what CRT is and how it is being injected into some of America’s schools, others have tried to understand how to defeat the ideas emanating from the belief system.


I recently had a conversation with Quisha King, co-chair of the Northeast Florida chapter of Moms 4 Liberty. King recently garnered attention after footage of her speech in front of the state school board went viral. We discussed various issues related to CRT and its effect on teachers and students.

We discussed the series of events that led to King’s appearance before the school board and how she discovered that her daughter was being exposed to lessons that involved labeling students by their skin color.

She also gave her thoughts on how history should be taught, especially when it concerns the black community, and brought up how much of the teaching focuses on the abhorrent things that happened to black people in America. They rarely focus on how black people overcame this treatment and the positive contributions that they have made to the evolution of the nation. Lastly, King also discussed how conservatives and others who are concerned about CRT and other forms of woke theology can defeat the destructive ideas coming from the hard left.


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