When Republicans Take Back the House, They Better Give the Dems a Taste of Their Own Medicine

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Aren’t you sick of it?

It seems that Republican lawmakers have become too comfortable in the role of the nerd that gets constantly bullied by the Democratic jocks. As a proud and outspoken nerd, I get it. But at some point, GOP leaders need to grow a pair and start swinging back instead of allowing these people to steal their lunches and give them wedgies in the Capitol building.


However, it’s time for these people to stop acting like helpless victims and start taking it to the left, especially if they manage to win back the House in 2022.

My colleague, Bonchie wrote a piece about the kerfuffle over Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s asinine comments comparing being forced to wear masks to being a Jew living in Nazi Germany. Naturally, this elicited the usual pearl-clutching and whining about anti-Semitism from the Democrats, who are more than okay with anti-Jewish sentiment when it comes from people on their team. (See: Republicans Played Themselves With Their Response to Marjorie Taylor Greene)

But, many Republicans jumped on the bandwagon. Not simply content to criticize Greene’s remarks for the stupidity that they represented, they also pretended she was being anti-Semitic. But the bottom line is that Greene’s comments were dumb, sensational, and boneheaded, not anti-Semitic. As Bonchie noted, “A simple ‘I don’t agree with that comparison’ would have sufficed.”

Now, Democrats are taking their faux outrage further and drafting a resolution to condemn Rep. Greene for her absurd comparison. Republicans will likely vote down the measure, but the damage is done. But this isn’t the worst of it.

Remember when House Democrats voted to strip Greene of her committee assignments because of offensive remarks she made before she was even campaigning for office? Have you noticed how they are still trying to expel her from office instead of letting voters in her district decide in 2022?


In case you haven’t noticed, I’m no fan of Rep. Greene. But the notion that House Democrats would take these actions against is the very essence of hypocrisy and a willingness to break tradition to push their political agenda. If anyone was to vote to remove the lawmaker from her committee assignments, it should have been Republicans. If they chose to let her remain, Democrats had no business overriding their decision. (See: House Democrats Seeking to Oust Marjorie Taylor Greene Don’t Have a Leg to Stand On)

The Democrats have gone too far. It seems they have been drunk with power since they took control of the House. As long as they have this power, they will continue to abuse it, wielding their dominance as a weapon against Republicans who make utterances that they don’t like.

We all know how to stop a bully, don’t we?

As much as I don’t like what I’m about to suggest, I see no other option.

When the Republicans regain the House, which seems likely in 2022, they must immediately vote to censure and remove Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), and Rashida Tlaib (MI) from their committee assignments. There should be no debate. No negotiation. Indeed, for all intents and purposes, GOP lawmakers should pretend that Democrats in the House don’t even exist.

Each of these representatives has made questionable and, in some cases, outright anti-Jewish remarks while they were in office. If they could take action against Greene for things she said before entering Congress, how much worse should people who make bigoted remarks after becoming lawmakers be punished?


Even further, for the duration of their stint as the dominant party in the House, they should apply the same treatment in the future to any Democrat who makes a remark that even slightly resembles any form of bigotry. The only way Democrats might be willing to cease engaging in this ludicrous behavior is if they know they will pay for it later. It would be a congressional version of Mutually Assured Destruction.

The Republican Party is at a crossroads. It is in the process of determining what it will be going forward. The establishment approach to these types of situations has failed. Rolling over to the Democrats to ingratiate themselves to the media has not reaped any positive results. At this point, it’s time that the Democrats begin feeling the heat, and if conservatives in Congress are not willing to fight back, they deserve to lose.


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