How Long Will Biden Administration Be Allowed To Lie About Migrant Crisis?

How Long Will Biden Administration Be Allowed To Lie About Migrant Crisis?
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Let’s face it. There is a migrant crisis brewing at the southern border and the Biden administration is lying about it. After years of criticizing former President Donald Trump for his approach to immigration, Biden and his team are already showing themselves to be quite inept when it comes to managing a situation like this.

During a Tuesday press conference, White House Press Secretary Jen “Circle Back” Psaki refused to refer to the situation at the border as a crisis when asked about the situation. “Look, I don’t think we have to put new labels on what we’ve already conveyed is challenging, what we have conveyed is a top priority for the president, what our policy teams are working on every day,” she answered.

She continued, explaining “they, obviously, there was a trip to the border this weekend, they are working over the course of every day since then on putting in place policies that can help address what we’re seeing and help ensure that we are keeping these kids safe and moving them as quickly as possible” into shelters instead of detention.

The press secretary said letting unaccompanied migrant children is a “policy decision” and the “most humane approach to addressing what are very difficult circumstances in the region.” She did manage to acknowledge “more children” were coming over the border.

While the administration is willing to use the word “crisis” when it comes to advancing their policy objectives it has not yet seen fit to address the border problem as such. The Post Millennial noted, “the Biden administration has named four crises that they have used to underpin their policies. These were: COVID-19, the economy, racism, and the climate. The administration clearly does not want to add another crisis, that of illegal immigration at the border.”

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) has been a vocal critic of the Biden administration’s handling of the situation since it began. In a written statement, he wrote, “There’s nothing ‘effective, moral, or humane’ about empowering human, sex, and drug traffickers to increase their activity across our southern border and in American communities.”

President Biden also dodged questions about the migrant crisis when reporters attempted to ask about it during a visit to a small business in D.C.

The Biden administration has also been cagey when it comes to questions about the treatment of migrant children crossing the border. And yes, that was a double entendre. Much to the consternation of the few progressives who are actually consistent, the president has been using the same facilities to house these children that the Trump administration did when the left was pretending to care about “kids in cages.”

But the administration is also being cagey regarding its policies regarding unaccompanied minors crossing the border. Psaki “refused to confirm a reporter’s question on Tuesday about whether more than 3,3250 unaccompanied migrant children are being held by the administration, instead directing reporters to the Department of Homeland Security,” according to Washington Examiner.

“I would encourage you to go back to them and ask them again. We’re not going to confirm them from the White House. It’s not our program. It’s the Department of Homeland Security’s program,” Psaki said, seemingly forgetting that the Department of Homeland Security is part of the executive branch, which her boss, President Joe Biden leads.

As you might imagine, Republicans have been slamming the Biden administration for its refusal to communicate effectively on the situation developing at the southern border. Fox News reported, “Republicans on the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday wrote to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas objecting  to what they described as ‘silence’ from the administration about the crisis at the southern border and the plan to tackle it.”

A letter, written by 20 Republicans serving on the committee, said, “We still do not know what the administration’s plan is, if any, to reduce illegal border crossings by [unaccompanied children] and family units along the southern border.”

The lawmakers pointed out that the administration has not indicated what steps it is taking to prevent COVID-19 infections from spreading into border communities as it is releasing migrants into the interior.

“The administration’s silence in this matter can only be understood as confirmation that the administration does not have a coherent plan to respond to this crisis,” they wrote.

Republicans on the committee previously wrote the administration last month, asking for documentation and information regarding the budding crisis and the president’s plan to reduce illegal entry into the U.S. Predictably, the administration did not answer.

Despite the president’s protestations, the situation at the border has grown increasingly worrisome over the past month.

From Fox News:

A senior DHS official confirmed to Fox News that the number of migrant children in custody along the border has tripled in the past two weeks to more than 3,250 and that more than 1,360 have been held for longer than the allowed three days. The numbers were first reported by The New York Times.

Multiple sources told Fox that numbers to be released this week will show about 100,000 apprehensions in February, higher than in February 2019 at the beginning of that year’s border crisis.

The administration is allowing child migrant facilities to expand to 100% capacity as it looks to cope with the numbers, while it is opening other facilities — including looking at using a Virginia military base.

Meanwhile, Mayorkas this week urged DHS staff to volunteer to help border agencies cope with the ‘overwhelming’ migrant numbers at the border.

It is yet another indication that the White House is aware of the seriousness of the circumstances at the border, but is unwilling to be forthcoming with the American public about the issue. We can already imagine how this would go if the shoe were on the other foot, can’t we? The activist press would be eviscerating Trump for engaging in similar behavior.

But, whether Democrats like it or not, the current migrant crisis is putting the Biden administration to the test, and so far, they are not faring too well, which is likely why they refuse to have a serious interaction with the press on the matter. While the activist media is comfortable with covering for the administration, at some point even they have to pretend to be journalists from time to time.

Regardless of whether the president decides to come clean with the public about the problem, America will see how his team will handle the affair, and it will likely be yet another indicator that he is not up to the task of governing.

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