Joe Biden Has Blood on His Hands, and It's Going to Get Much Worse

Joe Biden Has Blood on His Hands, and It's Going to Get Much Worse
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The law of unintended consequences is not one that is observed very often in Washington, nor is it even acknowledged after the fact. That’s how you can still have politicians vigorously defending our Middle Eastern conflicts without a hint of introspection about what that support has brought about for millions of innocent people. That’s true whether we are talking about Iraq, Syria, Libya, or Afghanistan.

Of course, those same people will assure you that mean tweets and tales of palace intrigue are the height of our current moral crisis, never recognizing how screwed up their priorities are and how blinded they are to real suffering.

That same refusal to judge unintended consequences applies to the current and escalating crisis at the southern border. Good intentioned or not, Joe Biden has stoked and ensured a massive surge of migrant children (and illegal immigrants overall) making a dangerous, deadly journey to the United States.

Members of the Domestic Policy Council were set to tell President Biden Tuesday that the number of migrant children who cross the southern border this year is on pace to exceed an all-time record — by 45 percent — citing unreleased data from the Department of Homeland Security.

In a presentation made up of nearly 40 slides obtained by Axios, the DPC cites data from DHS and the Department of Health and Human Services to warn that the Biden administration is 20,000 beds short of what it needs to properly house the 117,000 unaccompanied child migrants expected to cross the border this year.

This was all completely preventable, which is what makes it so egregious. All Biden had to do was continue Trump’s common-sense policies at the border and publicly discourage illegal immigration. Instead, the current president spent the entire 2020 campaign telegraphing our borders would be open if he won while moving to kneecap enforcement once he took office. Now that such irresponsible rhetoric and actions have led to a huge surge, the Biden administration is acting befuddled, telling people not to “not come,” but to not come “right now.” In other words, even in their attempts to stop the current flow, they are saying things that make absolutely no sense and bend the knee to left-wing priorities.

Meanwhile, the drug cartels and their coyotes are thriving again, with young children being used as pawns on a deadly trek that can sometimes stretch up to 2,000 miles. Women are raped and killed while others are sold into sex slavery. Kids die of dehydration and disease, sometimes abandoned and alone. Men also suffer at the hands of the cartels in a variety of ways. There is nothing romantic or safe about illegal immigration, no matter how morally superior it makes rich liberals feel to promote it from the comfort of their living rooms.

Fact-checkers will try to parse the numbers, claiming that only some percentage of illegal immigrants, including children, will die, be raped, etc. along the way. Does the absence of exact numbers, which are certainly impossible to ascertain anyway, somehow make children dying acceptable? Every year, CBP finds many bodies in rivers and in the desert, and that’s only on the U.S. side of the border. The journey was deadly for a lot of people far before that point, though few will notice.

Frankly, my tolerance for lazy moral calculations ran out long ago, and while I’ve previously pointed that ire at our foreign policy establishment in other articles, it’s just as relevant to those who promote illegal immigration, especially by children.

It’s long past time we stop living with blinders on. Joe Biden has blood on his hands in regards to the border, and it’s going to get much worse. No one made him bend a knee to the irrational, open borders advocates within his party. That was an active decision he made. Now, he owns the results, including the moral depravity that comes from them.


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