It Has Taken Little Time For Biden to Have a Self-Created Crisis at the Border

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In his enforcing of the ‘’right’’ things, he has managed to get them so very wrong.

Over the course of his brief tenure as President Joe Biden pushed into action a flurry of policies. The man who once stated that dictators are the ones who use executive orders has produced an amazing number of EOs in his short time at the Resolute Desk. To date, Biden has signed over 40 of these new policies, and over one-quarter of those concern immigration, either through new commands or rolling back previous orders signed by President Trump.


The results have been a fiasco. 

During his campaign, and especially following his election Biden made it clear to those in other countries that he would be softening the border and promised them riches upon arrival. During the Democratic debates he joined others in pledging to offer healthcare to illegals, and now his newly signed orders are causing a crisis at the border and a health risk to the nation, all while forcing his own hand to engage in actions he and his party deemed immoral over the past few years.

Among the actions taken by Biden have been expanding the admissions program, removing limits on vetting of arrivals, removing restrictions on those from Central America from arriving, halting the expansion of border enforcement agents, and stopping the construction of the border wall. The result has been a flow of new arrivals into the country and a flood of problems for the administration. This has led to a series of decisions where Biden has to contradict his own stances and take actions his own party has demonized.

The surge in new arrivals has caused Biden to completely turn back on his pledge from last Fall, when he assured he would not deport any illegals during his first 100 days. Hundreds have already been shipped out by Biden. As we recently covered here on the site, while Democrats are petrified over the concept of a person refusing to wear a mask, Biden’s catch-and-release policy with new arrivals is finding a growing number of illegals are testing positive for Covid-19, and they are set free in the country. I’m a criminal for ordering a mint julep at the bar with my face unadorned, but the recognized infected are turned loose and left unaccounted.


Then there is the newest wrinkle – Biden reinstituting the concentration camps for children. It was all we heard about for the first few years of the Trump administration, how Trump was shredding families by forcibly ripping children from the arms of parents in order to jail them. It was all garbage reporting, of course, as over 95% of the children arrived unaccompanied. Well, now Biden is facing that very same issue, after removing the blockages to the freeflow of arrivals Trump had instituted.

Internal documents leaked to Axios show that the surge at the border is worse than reported, and the problems for Biden are mounting at the moment. The unaccompanied youths are flooding in at a rate of over 300 a day, and the housing for those is nearing capacity. This is why Biden is scrambling to reopen a number of those facilities his party likened to Nazi death camps. Last week NBC News declared to this point there are well over 7,000 such parent-free children in the custody of immigration. I wrote about the fractured details surrounding the immigrant holding facility in Homestead Florida, which the administration has redubbed with a new, gentler name — ‘’The Biscayne Influx Care Facility’’. 

Currently, the shelter system is sitting with over 95% filled capacity. At this pace, it is expected that the surge we are experiencing in immigrant youth will surpass the record by 45%, and there has been a briefing declaring a need for 20,000 additional beds to contend with the overflow. This is what Joe Biden has wrought in just a month and a half, by announcing his lax standards and then flinging open the doors.


He did fine work signaling to his base that he would be a swell and warm-hearted soul towards immigrants, but what he has enacted is not leadership but pandering. The irony is that appeasing these bleeding heart supporters he has created for himself a crisis worse than that experienced by Donald Trump, which has these same weeping-soul voters outraged in the first place. 

Suddenly Trump’s Horror Hotels for kids are not so horrific, his locking the door at night at the border not so unsound of practice regarding Covid, and the prevention of problems was more astute and less craven than they alleged. Now Biden is left to clean up the very mess he made by dumping over the tables of Trump’s border policies.


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