NC Official Says She Will Travel For Christmas After Telling Residents To Stay Home. Her Justification Is Priceless

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Here, we have yet another Democrat official who doesn’t believe it necessary to abide by the COVID restrctions they impose on residents in their state. A county official in North Carolina urged people to stay home for the holidays to halt the spread of the coronavirus. But right after, she explained why she was going to do what many of her comrades have done with the rules they enacted.


Mecklenburg County Manager Dena Diorio participated in a virtual press conference in which she discussed coronavirus restrictions. She stated that despite her adominishing North Carollina residents to “stay home and only be around those who you live with” during Christmas, she would be “traveling by car to Durham, North Carolina to see some close family, small group.”

Reporters on the call were struck by Diorio’s admission of brazen hypocrisy and expressed confusion about her remarks.

“I was confused a little bit by Dena’s answer going to see her family in Durham,” said WBT’s Brett Jensen. “Isn’t that what we’re not supposed to be doing, by spending only time with people that we actually live with?”

The county manager defended her hypocrisy, arguing that hers is a special situation that should allow her to refuse to follow her own advice. “I know who the family is, I know where they spend their time, so I feel comfortable making that trip,” she insisted. “It’s two people in a household, it’s not a group. It’s a very small number of people and I feel very confident about their safety.”


Jensen pressed, asking if Diorio feels that everyone should be able to use their own discretion when making plans for Christmas. “I’m making a personal decision based on information that I have, and so that’s the decision that I’ve made and I think everybody needs to do the same,” she replied.

Of course, most know that this is not the sole example of Democrats displaying full-on hypocrisy regarding coronavirus restrictions. In fact, the number of left-leaning politicians refusing to follow their own rules is so extensive, RedState’s Brad Slager had to compile an entire list of politicions ignoring COVID-19 measures. (See: The List of Politicians Defying Their Own Lockdown Orders Is Extensive and Growing While They All Share the Same Menu Item)

While Diorio is only the latest Democrat to ignore coronavirus restrictions she surely will not be the last. It has become abundantly clear that leftists and their close friends and allies in the activist media don’t actually take the issue as seriously as they would have us believe. To put it simply, their behavior does not quite track with their incessant fearmongering.


As I wrote previously, there can only be two reasons why these politicians choose to violate their COVID rules. They either know that the virus is not quite as dangerous as they have led many Americans to believe, or they do think the pandemic is a serious issue but they don’t care enough about the people under their governance to lead by example. Either way, it doesn’t look too good for them, does it?


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