There Can Be Only Two Reasons Why Democratic Politicians Violate Their Own COVID Restrictions

Kevin P. Coughlin/ Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo via AP


It seems that every week, another Democratic leader gets busted violating coronavirus restrictions that they either imposed themselves or supported publicly. The hypocrisy is not lost on the citizens who live under their governance, as many have pointedly called them out for their displays of elitism. But despite being exposed, more of these supposed leaders are flouting their own regulations. 


My colleague, Brad Slager, made a definitive list of Democrats who were caught breaking their own rules so far. He starts with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her rather large Thanksgiving dinner. He writes:

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – Nancy has spent copious days in front of the cameras commanding the country on how we need to restrict our lives for her benefit. Then she planned to hold a benefit. Just after the election, and just after lecturing America about gathering for Thanksgiving dinner, it was learned she was hosting an opulent dinner for newly elected House members. Once this was revealed, and she was properly shamed, Nancy Antoinette cancelled her plans.”

Next on the list was New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has frequently been caught failing to follow his own mask order. “He has repeatedly been seen ignoring his own mask order, and then when he was commanding that New York families refrain from meeting up for the holiday his office released a report stating how he was gathering with his own family for Thanksgiving, including his newly sprung mother,” Slager notes. 

Of course, I can’t forget my own stomping grounds. Slager also brought up Austin Mayor Steve Adler, who is the most recent left-leaning politician to be exposed for hypocrisy. “Adler released a video where he implored residents on how important it was they not gather with family, and not travel, and to stay home. Adler delivered this message not from his home – not even this country. He traveled to Mexico, in order to gather with his family. This followed his staging of a wedding with nearly 2 dozen in attendance,” Slager writes. 


So what exactly would be the point of issuing these orders if the Democratic politicians who imposed them had no intention of abiding by their rules? There can only be two reasons why these leaders would publicly stress the importance of these restrictions while ignoring them in their personal lives. 

The first reason might be that none of these politicians believes the hype even though they continually engage in fearmongering about the coronavirus on a seemingly daily basis. Perhaps they don’t actually believe the pandemic is as big a deal as they, and their close friends and allies in the corporate press, have led the rest of the nation to believe. It would mean that they are lying to the American public to justify the implementation of draconian measures that they will keep in place even after the plague passes. 

The second possibility is that the COVID-19 pandemic is as dangerous as they say, but they have so little concern for the people living under their leadership that they won’t even bother to lead by example. After all, most of these officials are wealthy enough to have access to top-notch healthcare if they are infected by the disease, so they don’t exactly have much need to worry, do they? 

Their refusal to follow the rules they have imposed on others sends the message that it’s not a big deal. But if these officials actually believe that the virus is deadly enough to cause concern, and they still fail to take the same precautions they tell others to take, what does that say about their attitudes towards the people they were elected to serve? It says that they don’t care enough about protecting the people under their governance to communicate through their actions that it is important to abide by the restrictions, meaning that more people could die because they are following their leaders. 


Neither scenario is desirable, is it? 

Who wants to live under a government that either lies to them about the severity of a plague to gain more power or leaders who don’t care enough about the well-being of their citizens to take the virus seriously and lead by example? Unfortunately, while there are still plenty of Americans pushing back against these restrictions and the brazen hypocrisy they have brought, many are still accepting these onerous rules in the name of “safety.” 


So which scenario do you think is the most accurate? Let me know in the comments!

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