The List of Politicians Defying Their Own Lockdown Orders Is Extensive and Growing While They All Share the Same Menu Item



The hypocritical elites are in long supply while our patience for them is running short.

(Update: Readers suggested I include Gretchen Whitmer for her family maneuvers, as well as Gov Pritzker. The list has been updated to include them.)


Our national nightmare of a Covid outbreak has been enduring and what is making the case even harder to tolerate is the presence of politicians who are using the pandemic as a political power grab. Criticisms of these measures being imposed are frequently met with hysterical defenses; those resisting mask mandates and lockdown orders are said to be responsible for the spread, causing longer restrictions, and even guilty of causing death.

There is one factor however that mitigates these hectoring charges — the politicians who defy their own lockdown orders. Their collected hypocrisy goes beyond just the case of closing down businesses while they continue to work and collect government salaries. In recent months, for reasons which defy reason, more and more examples are found of politicians who ignore the same oppressive orders they enforce on the populace. 

Just this week we have been served a handful of new cases of these elitist prigs flaunting the very restrictions they command – sometimes even while they are delivering these orders. To give a sense of just how rampant these cases of ignorant officials living an elevated reality have been, peer over this extensive list of examples.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – Nancy has spent copious days in front of the cameras commanding the country on how we need to restrict our lives for her benefit. Then she planned to hold a benefit. Just after the election, and just after lecturing America about gathering for Thanksgiving dinner, it was learned she was hosting an opulent dinner for newly elected House members. Once this was revealed, and she was properly shamed, Nancy Antoinette cancelled her plans.


NY Governor Andrew Cuomo – The walking embodiment of hypocrisy is the Governor of New York. The man who was shoving Covid-positive patients into nursing homes extracted his own mother from one such facility. He has repeatedly been seen ignoring his own mask order, and then when he was commanding that New York families refrain from meeting up for the holiday his office released a report stating how he was gathering with his own family for Thanksgiving, including his newly sprung mother. The Emmy Award-winning leader claims to have changed his plans once this was revealed. Also contradicting himself on the matter of commerce, while locking down area businesses and arresting owners he came out with a message on Small Business Saturday encouraging people to support local entrepreneurs. I suggest that every business print this announcement and tape it to their window as justification to continue operations.

Use his own words against his lockdown. Point to this and say that it is a mandate from the Governor that they remain open.

CA Governor Gavin Newsom – The man who rivals Cuomo in oppressive orders on dining establishments was found to have hosted a lavish dinner with a crowd at a garish restaurant called The French Laundry, complete with a massive bar tab as he restricts California bar patronage. Newsom tried to claim he was dining outdoors, in compliance, until pictures were released showing otherwise.


Numerous – As states are imposing travel restrictions and even placing quarantine orders on new arrivals it became an outrage when it was learned that a wide number of politicians were unbothered by their own orders and attended a massive junket in Hawaii. Politicians from four states joined lobbyists, many with family in tow, to party it up 100 people strong in Maui. The galling aspect – The alleged subject for part of the gathering was covering how to reopen states.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot – The embattled municipal leader issued a lockdown order on her city. Curiously she was not so concerned with her safety, nor that of citizens, when she attended a large rally that same week to celebrate Joe Biden’s election result

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser – In the city where some of the tougher restrictions can be found the mayor was willing to avoid lockdowns and travel bans as she felt it important to fly to Delaware for another large Biden celebration.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed – Ms. Breed also has been pushing for extreme restrictions on dining out. She also called to restrict sizes of personal gatherings. Then she also had her own birthday dining experience, also at the now infamous French Laundry restaurant.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer – Look, when you issue nearly 200 executive orders in a matter of months you are bound to get tripped up by some eventually. She managed to violate her order against gathering in crowds when she elected to participate in a march this summer. Then there was the case of her husband attempting to get their boat launched for Memorial Day weekend at a lake where they had a vacation home, in defiance of her recent order for people to avoid the waterways for the holiday.


Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker – While issuing travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders for his constituents the governor has been free to fly his family to their estate in Racine, Wisconsin repeatedly, as well as his wife noted for jetting off to Florida to their vacation home. To further nail down his elitism Pretzker has killed off all high school sports in his state, out of safety concerns, yet his 18 year old daughter has been a regular participant on the equestrian circuit, both in Illinois and across the nation. Covid can be selective towards certain sports, we have to believe.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock – Mike was very grave when issuing restrictions on citizens regarding family and travel for Thanksgiving. He was very apologetic when it was discovered he then traveled days later to attend Thanksgiving with his family. The citizens were very intolerant of his apology, for good reason.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo – He lectured the citizens on holiday dining, then managed to celebrate the holiday with an extensive family affair. He had members from five different households dining together, in direct violation of the draconian rules on these very same private matters.


LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuhel – She helped push through the dining ban in her area that restricts eateries from any sit down patronage, requiring that take-out only is permitted. It did not sit well that she was discovered to have been dining out the very night prior to her vote.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards – The governor had imposed toughened restrictions on businesses in his state, ordering bars to close and restricting occupancy of other establishments while tightening mask ordinances. Then a photo was released of the governor just prior to this seen without a mask as he mingled with others at an area country club.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler – The most recent is one of the more galling examples. Adler released a video where he implored residents on how important it was they not gather with family, and not travel, and to stay home. Adler delivered this message not from his home – not even this country. He traveled to Mexico, in order to gather with his family. This followed his staging of a wedding with nearly 2 dozen in attendance.

As aggravating and unacceptable as all of these similar experiences are they all bear another common element. In every single one of these examples you are served a Democrat politician. These are the officials who lecture on safety, dictate on medical data, and preach about the dangers of the very activities they are perfectly at ease engaging in on their own.


These mounting examples all bear another factor. Somehow when these privileged political elites are engaged in the very activities we are told endanger the gentry they never seem to absorb the same level of scorn as the regular folk desperate to merely live their lives. Why is it when a congregation wants to worship for an hour they are spreading a plague, but of over a dozen of politicians who crowded in posh locales for an evening or embarked on personal trips are somehow exonerated from the accusation of causing untold deaths?

The collection of leaders ignoring their orders show us numerous details. Their mandates are more about power and control, rather than safety. They are ignoring the very science they invoke to justify their moves, diluting the reliability of that evidence. Also they show that both the orders do nothing to stem the pandemic and that a supposed threat is not so risky after all, since they are willing to brave the plague-like conditions for the sake of a 5-star champagne-soaked affair. 

The list above should serve as all the reason to fight back against these hypocrites stripping our liberties. These control freaks who want it both ways are actually worse than Marie Antoinette. She at least allowed her people to eat cake.



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