No Don Lemon, We Will Not Stop Attacking 'Journalists'

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CNN Anchor Don Lemon has beclowned himself again. On Saturday, he took to Twitter to whine about how hurtful the past four years have been during President Trump’s time in office. While he was widely ridiculed, his comments might reflect a wishful thinking that might be pervasive in the corporate press. 


“I don’t dare speak [for] my colleagues, but I can’t tell you how difficult it’s been as a journalist to cover this dark part of our history,” Lemon tweeted. “Let’s hope the attacks on journalists, journalism and EVERYONE end. Time to move into the light. #america”

Of course, the inevitable pile-on followed.”Oh you poor thing. Let me forward your tweet to some of my buddies overseas so they can send you some flowers,” Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, replied.

“Don’t worry, you’re not a journalist,” National Review senior writer David Harsanyi said. 

“You put on make up and read glass on TV for a living, dude. And you are very well paid to do it. Your job is not remotely difficult. Never has been. Never will be. No matter who the president is,” radio host Clay Travis said. 

Lemon’s comments are quite laughable considering the fact that he has repeatedly denigrated Trump supporters, portraying them as ignorant racists. Just recently, he compared conservatives to drug addicts and announced that he had to “get rid of” friends who favored Trump. 

But his hope that journalists will no longer be attacked is about as tone-deaf as it gets. The corporate press will continue to be attacked regardless of the outcome of the election because they have been asking for it for years. 

Establishment media has used its platform to pursue a political agenda since long before Trump ever thought about seeking office. Lemon’s ilk have trashed conservatives over and over again for decades without mercy. 


Believe it or not, activists poorly disguised as journalists like Lemon probably did have a tough four years. I have no problem believing Lemon when he says it’s been “difficult.” In President Trump, members of the press had a foe that was actually willing to punch back — and they had no idea how to handle it. The corporate press is like a brawler with a glass jaw; they love to throw wild haymakers, but they crumple like a piece of parchment after receiving a light tap on the chin. 

Unlike his predecessors, Trump didn’t just take the media’s dishonest attacks in stride. He refused to turn the other cheek after each rhetorical slap in the face while grinning and asking for more. Instead, he put people like Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, Jim Acosta, and the rest of the gang on the defensive. He brutally battered them each time they tried to spin a false narrative about him, and he did not let up.

And every single conservative like myself loved every second of it. 

In fact, we can’t get enough of it. For me, it’s my favorite thing about Trump. The establishment media is the enemy of the people and has been so for decades. It is refreshing to see a prominent Republican savage them in the same manner they did with right-leaning Americans. 

This isn’t to say that all left-leaning journalists are corrupt ideologues — many have pushed back against the darker impulses of their colleagues and have been ostracized for doing so. But the fact remains, far too many members of the media are more concerned with deceptively pushing an agenda than they are with giving pertinent information. 


So no, Mr. Lemon, the attacks won’t stop. In fact, they will intensify. You don’t get to slander conservatives for years and then whine about it when people finally become fed up. You brought this on yourself, so enjoy the constant dragging. 

President Trump’s impact on the GOP and conservative movement is multifaceted. But one paradigm shift will be how the right treats the media. We have already seen other right-leaning politicians slam “journovists” for their deceptive reporting. None of us have any intention of letting people like Don Lemon off the hook. As long as they seek to influence, rather than inform, we will be unrelenting in exposing their malfeasance. 

And it’s about damn time, isn’t it? 


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