The Feckless Are Phoning In Now

I’m already hearing whining and lamenting about my post this morning on conservatives’ need to do more than pledge. It’s only 10 a.m. and I’m getting the “how dare you question my integrity” emails and the “who the heck do you think you are” emails.”But . . . meow . . . I’m a 501(c)(3). I can’t do anything . . . meow.”That’s typical of the weaseling out that’s going on. I told you people conservatives like to make pledges and then do jack when members of congress run roughshod all over them.Here’s the deal — if you can’t actively oppose a member of Congress for selling us down the river, don’t give them a speaking gig, don’t say nice things about them, don’t let them take the stage at your auditorium to praise you or let them sing their praises.Either this is a fight worth having now or it is not. I believe it is and you people keep telling me you think it is. Well then, there can no longer be forgiveness. There can only be fighting for the cause or fight those who oppose the cause — even if they claim to be on our team.”But, we really do have to raise the debt ceiling.” If you believe we really do have the raise the debt ceiling, you are not on my team if raising the debt ceiling comes before cutting, capping, and balancing.I’m done nuancing on this. And for you people in congressional offices writing about how we need to be more reasonable, etc. — you people are the ones telling us just how dire the fight is. So either you are lying about how dire the situation is or you really are gutless.Those are the only options.



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