Using Twitter With RedState

I realize this is really random administrivia, but I have lately used the “tweet” button on posts at RedState (you have to go into the individual posts and look at the bottom of the post to see the button) and been disappointed to see credit given to @RedState for the content.It does’t have to be that way.For example, if you click the tweet button on this post, a window will come up and it will show that this post comes “via @ewerickson”.We want you to be able to get credit for your posts on twitter too.If you edit your profile by going to USER IDwp-admin/profile.php and scroll to the bottom, just before the “update profile” button, you’ll see this:#alttext#Insert your twitter ID without the “@”. Then click “update profile”. From then on, when someone clicks the tweet button on a post you’ve written, you’ll get credited in twitter.



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