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Hillary’s Debate Prep: Trump Advisor’s Back Channel Talks with Russia

We’re in the homestretch. Only two horses remain with any foreseeable chance of winning this poor excuse for an election. The first of three presidential debates happens Monday where each will endure 90 minutes of discovery and cross-examination.


If the information released by each candidate’s camp is to be believed, their preparation goal has been to effectively kneecap the other with their respective pasts and mash perceived habits with future opportunities for corruption. Not too arduous a task given our candidates. (Yikes! Will 90 minutes be enough time?)

One of Clinton’s tales to tell on Trump has been that The Donald’s man-crush on President Putin will translate into an America subordinate to Russia in a Trump administration.

Yesterday it was reported that Carter Page, Trump’s current/past (status is a bit fuzzy) foreign policy adviser, is being investigated by the FBI for attempting to back channel with Russia in preparation for a Trump win.

The source added that U.S. officials in the briefings indicated that intelligence reports about the adviser’s talks with senior Russian officials close to President Vladimir Putin were being “actively monitored and investigated.”

( … )

A senior U.S. law enforcement official did not dispute that characterization when asked for comment by Yahoo News. “It’s on our radar screen,” said the official about Page’s contacts with Russian officials. “It’s being looked at.”


Look for Clinton to SHOUT this claim at Trump during the debate.

Will Wikileaks/Julian Assange Open a Barrage of Clinton’s Emails Moments Before this Debate?

Not likely. But, the Wikileaks founder has been promising to dump on Clinton’s parade.

Assange: Our view which we have already stated is if the evidence that the FBI has is enough for a grand jury to indict already… But a prosecutor has to ask a grand jury to indict. And if a prosecutor doesn’t ask, a grand jury won’t indict. But our next leak can bring her down because it is something that FBI can’t overlook!

In that same interview with Afshin Rattansi of Russia Today network, Assange promises a September surprise.

Assange: I will not reveal the exact date but I can promise you this, will Bring Hillary Down Before The Debate Stage On September 26th.

However, in a more recent interview with Megyn Kelly, Assange tries to lower expectations.

During Wednesday’s interview, which was the first of two parts, Kelly asked Assange if he believes that the forthcoming release will be an election “game changer.”
“I think it’s significant,” he said, appearing to shy away from using Kelly’s term. “It depends on how it catches fire in the public and in the media.”


It’s a crap shoot, really. Emphasis on “crap.” Who knows what Assange has on Hillary. He could be lobbing a dud, either purposely for his own ego, or the doc dump’s significance could be based solely on how its spun by the media.

Assange needs to focus on his own October troubles.

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