New Survey Showing Young Women's 'Red Flags' Suggest an Ever Widening Political Divide With Men

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In today's America, men and women are not seeing eye to eye politically, and it's apparently now dictating their dating life. 

A new study from Bay Area polling firm Change Research released a study revealing "red flags" that millennial and Gen Z women see in men and according to the data, a few notable things top the list including identifying as a "MAGA Republican" and saying things like "All Lives Matter." The firm claims that listening to Joe Rogan is also a big turn-off for younger women. 


Given the location of the polling firm, we can expect that there's a bit of bias here but the firm claims to conduct online polling nationwide. 

Still, the answers here line up with previous polling from other firms. A poll from the University of Michigan found that women are drifting left at a very rapid rate, especially young women: 

Nowadays, it is girls who are drifting to the left. The share of 12th-grade girls who identified as liberal rose from 19 percent in 2012 to 30 percent in 2022. Only 12 percent of girls identified as conservative in last year’s survey, administered by the University of Michigan.

Meanwhile, men and boys appear to be drifting further to the right. In fact, fewer and fewer boys seem to be identifying as "liberal" while identifying as "conservative" is on the rise, further pushing the male and female sexes further and further apart. 


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While all of this should be taken with a grain of salt, these results make sense given the attitudes both parties display toward the sexes. 

The left tends to embrace radical feminism and the Democrat Party is only too happy to tell women they're fighting for their rights against Republicans and an overarching patriarchy that wants women back in the kitchen, barefoot, and pregnant. It pushes pro-abortion narratives, equating them with rights, then convincing women that the right is taking it all away from them. 

As it does this, it consistently villainizes men and masculinity. It punishes boys for acting like boys do, and attempts to repress their inherent adventurousness and aggressiveness during play. It targets young men as the guilty party in any negative situation involving a woman and devalues men in the workplace and in relationships. 

Meanwhile, on the right, men are more valued and treated fairly. Masculinity is prized as necessary and various influencers on the right tend to break through to the reality of men and women, showing that men are more essential to society than the left claims. This has had the effect of driving men to the right. 


The widening divide is troubling for society as both sexes grow to disagree and distrust one another. However, this trend may ultimately be more trouble for Democrats in the long run as I wrote previously: 

Being so young, these political preferences may shift and change by the day, but if this trend continues, it’s not going to mean too much good for Democrats. For one, people do tend to become more conservative as they get older and the idealism of youth is replaced by the reality of being a grown-up. Secondly, while many women may become and stay leftists well into their adulthood, many women end up voting the way their husbands do and seldom the other way around.

So if the Democrats continue to push away men, then men will find themselves pulling the lever for Republicans. Should women marry those men, they will statistically pull the lever for Republicans too.

This assumes, of course, that marriage rates don't fall much further than they actually have. 

Regardless, the right should figure out solid messaging to women and begin winning them back. Women are important to the future of humanity, not just a political party. They're clearly being led off a cliff by the left, and it's dragging society with them. 


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Perhaps a dam will break and women will realize they're being lied to and used. At this time, the Democrat Party can't even tell you what a woman is until it's time for them to be useful again. Regardless, the left's messaging to women is working out very well, and it has to be disrupted. 



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