Democrats Can't Stop Gaslighting Women and Their Latest Lazy Attempt Is a Whopper

AP Photo/Darren Abate

The Democrats like to tell everyone that they're the "party of women" but anyone who has even a little experience in politics knows this is a lie used to make women pull the lever for a party whose only interest is in how useful they are. 

Case in point, Democrats are willing to dismiss that women even exist at every turn. They come up with fun names such as "birthing people" and then refuse to define what a woman is when pressed to define them. This is all in an attempt to make sure that men who want to pretend they're women don't feel offended. 

The insult is only compounded as Democrats all over the country push for men to be included in women's sports and force women to stand nearby as these crazed men claim rewards meant for them.

Then Democrats will stand by silently as women who speak out against this injustice are assaulted to the applause of university officials.

And then the Democrats have the gall to post things like this on social media. 

"On Women’s Equality Day, the Biden-Harris Administration honors the pioneering suffragists who won American women the right to vote, celebrates the advocates who have continued the march for equality since, and recommits to delivering a better future for every woman and girl," said the White House on X. 

It even included one of the least self-aware quotes in a picture. 

"May we be a nation worthy of the abilities and ambitions of our women and girls — President Joe Biden"

Riley Gaines spoke up about this insulting post, noting that the "gaslighting" is "insurmountable." 

She also added something very poignant to a post that attempted to make Kamala Harris seem like she cared. 

"Scared of losing the rights we fought so hard to win"  this is satire, right? Bc I know you cant possibly be referencing women when you're actively taking away our rights to privacy, safety, and equal opportunity. Sports, prisons, domestic violence shelters, sororities... You're a sell out

The rest of the comments aren't kind either, with the vast majority asking the White House account "what is a woman?" It's a question the Democrats continue to fail to answer, and it should be a wake-up call to women everywhere. 

As I've written before, the Democrats don't actually have friends or even allies. When dealing with anyone and everyone, the first care they have is about how useful that person is. If they are useful, then you're set to be used, and while you might be the toast of the town one day, you'll be forgotten the next. Like a tool, you'll sit in the shadows until they open the drawer to fetch you again when you can, once again, be useful to them. 

This doesn't mean you're taken care of in the meantime either. You can ask black communities all over the nation just how well they're living after decades and decades of Democrat "care." Some of them are still picking up the pieces from all the "care" the Democrats gave them last election season. 

Women are often baited by lies and false promises like other groups are. Like the White House post above, they'll say they're fighting for women's rights that are apparently on the verge of being stripped from them or already have been, but when asked what rights women don't have that men do, no one can answer. 

Democrats make it seem as if abortion and women's freedoms are inexorably tied together, which is a false dichotomy. Women are not defined by their ability to have abortions, and anyway, abortion is a huge killer of women who never get to experience an actual right, a right to life. 

In the end, there's nothing that Democrats have to offer women that doesn't harm them or keep them in some sort of ideological prison. They'll continue to say they're for women then turn around and insult them, spit on them, and erase them. If every woman in the world truly saw the Democrats for what they were, there'd never be a Democrat politician elected in America again. 

And once the lies that mislead so many women stop, perhaps we'd start to see their happiness begin to rise again. 



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