The Report That Gen Z Are All Democrats Is Greatly Exaggerated

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If you were to believe Democrat Party puppet Harry Sisson, a young influencer who looks and acts like a Democrat AI-generated character, Gen Z is a generation of leftists.


In fact, the running knowledge is that Gen Z is a giant voting well for the Democrats and one that they used to influence the midterm elections, helping prevent the prophesied “red wave” that was going to sweep the House and Senate. To be sure, a lot of that is true.

However, something is happening in the younger parts of Gen Z that looks bizarre considering how that generation voted in the midterms. According to The Hill, Gen Z high school boys are becoming increasingly conservative:

As with many Reddit posts and viral tweets, the truth was more complicated. But the numbers do say this: Twelfth-grade boys are nearly twice as likely to identify as conservative versus liberal, according to a respected federal survey of American youth.

In annual surveys over the last three years, roughly one-quarter of high school seniors self-identified as conservative or “very conservative” on the Monitoring the Future survey, a scholarly endeavor that dates to the 1970s. Only 13 percent of boys identified as liberal or very liberal in those years.

The figures represent a striking shift in the political views of boys. As recently as the late 2000s, liberal boys occasionally outnumbered conservatives. Back in the Carter era, both boys and girls leaned liberal.


Meanwhile, high school girls are trending to the left at around the same pace according to The Hill:

Nowadays, it is girls who are drifting to the left. The share of 12th-grade girls who identified as liberal rose from 19 percent in 2012 to 30 percent in 2022. Only 12 percent of girls identified as conservative in last year’s survey, administered by the University of Michigan.

Why this is happening has people scratching their heads and the best they can come up with is to blame Trump and video games, but looking at the socio-political landscape, we can make an educated guess as to what’s happening.

If you tell someone they aren’t welcome and deride them constantly, they’ll eventually go where they’re more appreciated.

The Democrat Party, which invests heavily in modern feminist ideals, has reiterated its disdain for men and masculinity repeatedly. In an age where boys are being inundated by the leftist narrative that they’re awful just for being boys, they’re naturally going to migrate to places and people who don’t look at them as defective.

As such, boys are listening to people like Joe Rogan, Tim Pool, Ben Shapiro, and more. Boys have effectively migrated out of the bubble the Democrats attempted to set for them and as such, messaging from other sources is reaching them more easily. You can even see this happening in the entertainment sector where the “toxic masculinity” of Japanese manga and anime has now outstripped the American industry by leaps and bounds.


Just by looking at the way high school girls of the same age are drifting leftward, we can see that the political outlook on the sexes plays out. Women and girls are heralded as wonderful and great by the left and everything the Democrat Party does is for their benefit, or so they claim. Naturally, girls are going to migrate toward the party that gives them the warmest welcome, and so they go there.

Being so young, these political preferences may shift and change by the day, but if this trend continues, it’s not going to mean too much good for Democrats. For one, people do tend to become more conservative as they get older and the idealism of youth is replaced by the reality of being a grown-up. Secondly, while many women may become and stay leftists well into their adulthood, many women end up voting the way their husbands do and seldom the other way around.

So if the Democrats continue to push away men, then men will find themselves pulling the lever for Republicans. Should women marry those men, they will statistically pull the lever for Republicans too.

Time will tell, but patterns hold, time is running out for Democrats thanks to their own misandry.


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