New Attempt at Canceling Oliver Anthony Only Shows the Left's Desperation to Silence Him

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Oliver Anthony came out of nowhere and hit America squarely in its heart with his hit "Rich Men North of Richmond," a song that describes the plight of the country and the suffering of Americans at the hands of the elite in Washington. So popular was the song that it skyrocketed to the top of the iTunes charts and stayed there. 

Since then, the media has been doing its absolute best to make Anthony's song seem like something you either love or you hate depending on what side of the aisle you're on. They attempted to paint it as a song much beloved by the right, invoking names like Dan Bonjino and Matt Walsh to drive the point home that liking this song means you're in league with them. 

Try as they might, it hasn't worked. The song remains number one on iTunes and positive reactions to the video have come from every corner of society. 

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But the left wouldn't be deterred. As is their pattern, they began scouring the internet to find something they can use against Anthony to discredit him and push people away from supporting him, and as per usual they landed on something that they think is damning. 

In truth, it only reveals their own desperation to silence Anthony, and possibly even exposes their misunderstanding of their own beliefs. 

The video is relatively recent and features Anthony being interviewed by Fox News. Anthony talks about how America is a melting pot and how diversity makes us strong, but that it's used a political tool to divide each other. 

According to the left, this exposes Anthony as a total fraud. They accuse him of losing his accent and even promoting leftist values with a promotion of diversity.

It really solidifies the idea in my mind that the left understands very little about the world around them, including the things they claim to value. 

Let's start from the top. 

Oliver Anthony does have an accent...when he sings. Singing with an inflection, vocal range, or accent based on the nature of the song has been a practice since time immemorial. Would these same leftists be aghast to hear that Bee Gees didn't actually talk with high-pitched voices? Do they carry this same attitude when it comes to actors? They're going to need fainting couches when they find out Ian McKellen isn't actually a wizard. 

A man might talk one way and sing another, and if you compare the Fox News clip to the clip of Anthony talking to the camera after his song went viral, there's absolutely no difference. 

But let's get down to the core of what the left claims is their "gotcha." 

Anthony speaks well of diversity and how it is a strength for America. The left will be surprised to know that many conservatives agree with him here. In fact, while diversity has become something of a politically charged word if you strip away the modern nonsense put on it, few people would say that diversity is a bad thing. 

The difference, as Anthony highlights at the beginning of his interview, is that America is a melting pot. It takes the strengths, wisdom, and traditions of many different backgrounds, cultures, and races, and mixes them to create something truly amazing. America has a proven track record of producing incredible technologies, foods, tools, and more thanks to the ingenuity and know-how of people who came here from all over the world. 

What the left means when they say "diversity" has nothing to do with diversity at all. What they mean is the elimination of certain races, sexes, sexualities, etc. from various opportunities or positions in order to put other identities in place in order to make things look diverse. This isn't even considering that the diversity it won't allow is ideological diversity. 

Moreover, the left doesn't see America as a diverse melting pot, but more like a salad where each ingredient is in the same place, but remains separated. This tracks with the leftist ideology but the left doesn't typically stop there, as they're increasingly huge fans of segregation. So the ingredients in the salad should have their own bowls apart from one another. 

This creates cultural isolation, which is not at all diversity. 

Anthony is right in his interview. Diversity is a good thing and even makes us strong, but what the elite and its leftist lapdogs push isn't actually diversity. They want division, isolation, and distrust. They're more than pleased to turn one group against another in order to more easily create narratives and voting blocs.

But they have themselves utterly convinced that they're the champions of diversity. It just proves they have no idea what it actually is. They push DEI initiatives while patting themselves on the back, not at all recognizing that they're doing the exact thing they profess to hate. 

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The hypocrisy is wild. 

Try as they might, Anthony continues to be right. 


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