If You Want to Collapse a Civilization, Just Institute DEI Initiatives

(AP Photo/Jim Cole)

On the surface, the concept of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (DEI) initiatives seems like a really moral thing. It’s giving the opportunity to people who would have otherwise not had the opportunity to succeed in an industry or line of work. To be sure, the concept alone is noble.

But the practice is foolish.

Recently, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed three bills into law that severely limit DEI initiatives in his state’s education system according to the Daily Wire:

The three bills that DeSantis signed were Senate Bill (SB) 266, which prohibits institutions from spending federal or state dollars on discriminatory “diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)” initiatives; House Bill (HB) 931, which prohibits Florida’s public institutions from requiring students, faculty, or staff to take political loyalty tests; and SB 240, which expands workforce education initiatives and increases access to career and technical education (CTE) programs, according to the governor’s office.

SB 266 garnered the most news attention because it directly goes after woke ideologies in higher education by cutting off funding for “initiatives that promote dangerous political and social activism, such as DEI initiatives.”

Despite it seeming like a great thing on the surface, DEI is one of the most destructive forces in civil society and can rot it from the inside so greatly that it can cause collapse on a massive scale, and a lot of it has to do with the idea of putting physical attributes over ability.

To illustrate this, let’s pretend you have a cancerous growth in your brain. If you were going in for brain surgery to get it cut out you would want the best brain surgeon to do the job. However, the Hospital where the surgery will take place informs you that they’ve proudly instituted DEI initiatives and your surgeon will be a transgender person fresh out of med school. “Xer” (as he demands to be referred to) had some of the lowest scores during training, but thanks to DEI initiatives his scores were artificially elevated and the hospital scooped him up so that when they took a staff photo, xer can be featured smack-dab in the middle and they can all applaud themselves about how inclusive they are.

Don’t worry, you’ll never find out whether or not xer did a good job because a bleeding problem xer created in your brain during surgery led to you stroking out.

DEI ditches the idea of merit and relies, instead, on the idea of equality. If a group of people is underrepresented in a certain industry, then that is a social sin of the highest order, and administrators and executives have to fix it immediately or else. Given, this only applies to certain industries. You won’t see a lot of DEI initiatives in waste disposal, for instance.

This includes leadership roles, and here is where you start seeing real problems. If the person or people in charge don’t have the best skills for the job then their bad leadership will make for a bad company. Their inexperience and misplaced priorities will create waves that continue to infect everything below them.

DEI causes some severe issues to crop up including a marked decrease in the performance of anything it attaches to, a consistently decreasing talent pool, and a divided staff. However, it gets much darker when you move into various other professions such as lawyering.

In the Wall Street Journal, writer Tunku Varadarjan wrote that DEI-infected law schools could bring down America and wrote about how these activists are using intimidation to influence law firms into becoming political weapons. He interviewed Ilya Shapiro director of constitutional studies at the Manhattan Institute, who told horror stories about what’s happening in law firms even now:

Already, Mr. Shapiro says, partners at law firms “cower in fear of their associates, who question their firm’s representation of certain types of client and demand that statements be made by law firms after Supreme Court decisions and other developments in the political world.” A friend of his was a partner in the Houston office of a large global law firm. “She’s pro-life,” he says, declining to name the lawyer or the firm. After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, various firm leaders asked her to handle some pro bono clients advancing pro-choice arguments. “She said she was too busy and didn’t make a stink over it,” Mr. Shapiro says. “Eventually, the managing partner of the Houston office said, ‘Well, I guess you’re pro-life. What’s the point of having a female partner who’s pro-life?’ ” She now practices independently.

In the end, DEI is a Marxist ideal meant to weaken anything it touches at its foundations. It removes talent, drive, and passion and replaces them with political agendas. The people behind DEI aren’t in it to make the playing field fair. That’s the Trojan Horse. They’re in it to infiltrate and subjugate.

To be clear, the best man or woman for the job should get the job no matter what race, religion, or sexuality they are, but they aren’t hiring any one of these diverse (read not white or Asian male) because they’re the best. They’re hiring them because they’re the most useful in appeasing social and professional threats. Somewhat ironically, this ends up being discrimination in and of itself which DEI is supposed to fix.

A civilization that doesn’t advance the best to the forefront cannot stand for long and sure enough, we’re seeing some of the absolute worst take leadership roles and drive their respective charges into the ground. Bud Light, Disney, and even America itself are proof that DEI initiatives are a cancer, not a cure.

If anything, more states should follow DeSantis’s lead in making DEI initiatives illegal within government-controlled institutions. If blue states want to continue to implement them, then they can watch as red states attract all the best minds, the best workers, and the best leaders. Let them rot, but everyone else should stop this rot now.


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