Watch: Oliver Anthony's 'Rich Men North of Richmond' Causes Deep Emotional Impact in All Types of People

When a red-bearded stranger standing in front of a deer blind and surrounded by dogs began strumming his guitar and singing into a microphone, few people were ready for how deeply his song would impact them. The world was taken by surprise as Oliver Anthony, a no-name farmer from Farmville, Virginia, soulfully sang the woes of a vast swath of Americans so well that his song made him a successful superstar overnight. 


The song lamented the state of America, including the abuse of welfare, a heavily taxed population, and even the suicide rates of young men, and at the center of it all was the song's namesake, "Rich Men North of Richmond." 

The politicians in Washington D.C. were pointed to as the source of the problems we're experiencing, and needless to say, they didn't like that. Immediately, the leftist attack machine began working against Anthony, painting him as a man associated with the "far right," and attempting to make his song politically polarizing. The aim was to divide the people against one another over the subjects sung in the song, thus crippling its rise in the public consciousness and hampering its message. 

But judging by a recent video compilation put together by Matt Orfalea, it didn't work. People from all walks of life have been watching and reacting to the song, and it would appear that no matter what walk of life you hail from, this song resonates with you. In fact, it hits some people so deeply that it causes them to weep. 

Watch the video for yourself below. 

It's not often that a song comes along that unites people in this way. "Rich Men North of Richmond" succinctly describes the struggles, concerns, and woes of millions of people, and these are problems that don't recognize race, creed, religion, or even political party. While there are certainly people on the left who despise this song and work to make Anthony seem like some sort of far-right op, the truth is that this is a heartfelt song that people felt in their own hearts. 


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They can try to divide us all they want in order to protect themselves, but being to the far-left doesn't stop the economic destruction and oppressive taxes from harming you and your household. It doesn't make the sting of a dead loved one who gave up due to depression hurt any less. 

Oliver Anthony spoke the truth, and the truth doesn't recognize physical or mental borders.

This song will keep echoing around for a time and likely spawn more than a few inspired songs from other artists. You'll probably see this song reworked a dozen times by artists and DJs, further extending the song's life in the center of the public square. Even after its popularity begins to ebb, it will be looked on fondly as one of the most honest and relatable songs of this decade. 


In fact, you might be able to point to this farmer's simple song as the start of something much bigger. A turning point in the culture war where the people began to speak out and be heard. While this would be all well and good, don't expect it to be pretty. No cultural revolution has ever been clean and it's highly likely that the elitists, the very people Anthony's song is about, will work every angle they have to take the wind out of its sails. 

The media will attack, they'll make divisive speeches, and they'll try to turn us against one another so they can keep being the very corrupting influence Anthony sings about. But as good as they are at suppressing the truth and dividing the people, humanity is still humanity, and people can find commonality in misery, hardship, and enemies. 

Seeing as how these "Rich Men North of Richmond" continuously make themselves the enemy of the people, the uniting of said people is going to be surprising, sudden, and consequential.


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