Hasan Piker, America's Most Hypocritical Socialist, Proved Socialists Don't Care About the Working Class

Hasan Piker’s uses are few, but the main one is proving every negative stereotype of a socialist to be true.

For those who aren’t familiar with Piker or need a refresher, he’s a popular Twitch streamer whose opinions include 3,000 people dying on 9/11 was deserved because America bad, and that it’s okay to buy a multi-million dollar home for himself despite believing that the rich should pay their fair share.


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Like pretty much all socialists, Piker isn’t exactly known for his ideological consistency, at least when it comes to himself. Like any popular socialist, he preaches the virtues of seizing the means of production and making everyone equal, but he really only wants that for you. If he were forced to abide by the rules he wants to see America abide by, it would be one of the worst days of his life. He is a champagne socialist at the end of the day. Another pretender.

Once again, Piker proves he’s just pretending with his reaction to watching the recent riot in New York caused by Twitch streamer Kai Cenat. Cenat announced that he would be giving away PlayStation game consoles for free, causing over 1,000 of his fans to show up, and before long the gathering turned violent. People began assaulting police and civilians alike as well as destroying private and public property.

Piker was watching a report from CBS News New York about a small business owner whose business was ransacked by the rioters. Piker became annoyed and expressed his dislike of local media, saying they were dramatizing the looting to make it out to be worse than it was.

“Local media talking about 3 dollars worth of f**king Doritos like there was a bank run,” said Piker.


An odd reaction from a person whose ideology concerns itself with the well-being and fair treatment of the working class. You would think that a man just trying to sell his wares in New York would get some sympathy from a socialist, but no, Piker seems more concerned with defending the rioters’ actions than supporting the worker.

Of course, that seems to be the pattern nowadays. Socialism has become less about spreading around the wealth and seeing to the fair treatment of the working class, and more about destroying the system and anything that takes part in it. It’s simply become another tired anti-American platform with no real end goal except the destruction of America and its values. Sure, socialism and capitalism have always been at the opposite ends of the idealogical spectrum but it doesn’t even seem like modern socialists are interested in practicing socialism, just destruction and mayhem.

And of course, there’s Piker coming to their defense when they’re called out for their actions.

As I’ve written before, there’s no such thing as a socialist. There are people who claim to be socialists and promote the ideals of socialism, but no socialist actually practices what they preach. They’re selfish people who would happily become rich and famous while encouraging people to “eat the rich.” They practice a life of unfairness and hypocrisy while wagging their fingers at everyone else for living the capitalist lifestyle they themselves are hypocritically enjoying. Try to make them live up to the standards they want forced on everyone else and watch them go ballistic.


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Piker, like every socialist, doesn’t actually care about you or the working class. They don’t care about fairness or equality. They just care about themselves, their bank account, and their influence.


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